Uncategorized · 29 July 2020


Hello, today’s article will be devoted mainly to the window. That’s right, a very simple thing, and really how much do you know about the window in your room? Vena to write this article did not come from nowhere, namely, I live in the countryside, in a family house where I grew up, but I often leave and stay in various apartments or hotels and I started to notice that the atmosphere in my family house is much better than, for example, in a hotel or friend’s apartment. And I began to wonder what this could be due to. In the case of the hotel, this is a very simple explanation, because most of them have air conditioning in the rooms. 

Literally after a few visits to a room with air conditioning, we can expect a runny nose, chills and similar effects. It’s just that our body reacts to measures as they come out with potentially fresh and chilled air. However, hotels often forget about airing rooms, and as you know, fresh air is simply irreplaceable and it best improves the conditions in the room. I used to work for two years in a four-star hotel, so I know perfectly well how to prepare a room for a guest.

Certainly, airing the room is not as popular as simply turning up the air conditioning. The staff feels a nice coolness and thinks that the room has fresh air, unfortunately it does not work like that and such a room after the cleaning lady’s visit is not enough that we have clouds of dust in the air, which she caused, for example, by making the bed, still full of floating in the air harmful compounds from air conditioning. Therefore, after visiting expensive luxury hotels, we may simply feel bad or have a cold. Ok, but what about the apartments where I spend the night, there is no air conditioning in them, but I feel sick. On this matter, we return to the window. Most of the apartments have ventilation in the form of a grille, which is connected to the ventilation chimney and this is to ensure minimal ventilation of the room.

All leaky points in our apartment are to let in air, and the ventilation chimney is to extract hot and not fresh air. Look how logical it is, cold air, which is heavier, flows through the crack under the door, and after warming up and taking everything that is not fresh, it starts to get lighter and finally finds itself under the ceiling, and then goes to the ventilation chimney. In theory it looks so cool and logical however, I would like to point out once again this is the minimum ventilation, and a person needs a bit more fresh air to feel good. Therefore, usually after entering the apartment, I open the window for ten minutes and do the same before going to bed.

Of course, we can discuss whether there is clean air outside and so on, but I assure you that I have prepared a bit for this article and I know that the air outside is of much better quality than in a flat that is not ventilated. How does this relate to my family home and the theme of the window? Well, in my family house all the windows are wooden and airing the rooms is much less frequent than in apartments or hotels. Wooden windows let in much more air, sometimes it is said that wood breathes and there is some truth in it, According to research, wooden windows are much healthier. Of course, they also let in more heat, because they are less insulated, but note that maintaining a high temperature in the room is also not good for health, you should stay in rooms heated to about seventeen to twenty degrees Celsius, and when sleeping, the temperature should drop to even fifteen. And this is not my original idea, but this information is supported by reliable research, so it is worth following them if we care about well-being and health. It is worth mentioning that plastic windows have several screws on their frame, so it is worth looking at the instructions for the windows that we have installed and find out which screw is responsible for the adjustment with which the handle presses the window.

In the summer season, we should reduce this strength a bit, to allow more air flow. So, what are the advantages of plastic and wooden windows? Plastic windows are certainly more durable, relatively cheaper, better insulated and certainly easier to install and do not require as much care for them as in the case of wooden ones. These, in turn, are healthier and prettier, although it is a matter of taste. I based this article on health, so if your apartment or house has good ventilation, plastic windows do not interfere with anything and are a quite good choice. However, if you are not sure about the quality of ventilation and you are replacing windows, consider installing a wooden window. They may be more expensive and should be taken care of, but it is definitely worth taking care of, because it will bear fruit on your health. And this is how we came to the end of this publication,