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Which baby bedding to choose?

Which baby bedding to choose? In the first years of life, a child spends a large amount of its time in bed. For this reason, it is very important to buy the right bedding for your toddler. It is worth doing this before giving birth, while completing the baby layette. The baby must be provided with the best possible conditions for a peaceful and comfortable sleep.

What bedding for a baby?

Baby bedding must, above all, be warm, safe and soft. A good solution for any trip is to buy anti-allergic bedding right away, so you won’t have to worry about a possible allergy in your child. Bedding surrounds a toddler for a long time, which is why its quality is so important. Initially, many mothers use a sleeping bag or a sleeping bag, but a 6-month-old child usually has bedding in his bed. For such a toddler, a good option is to buy a duvet with a pillow adapted for small children. It also happens that the child does not want to sleep in sleeping bags, because their movements are constrained, in this situation it is worth buying the toddler bedding.. It should, above all, have certificates that prove its safety and confirm the quality of workmanship.

What size bedding for a baby cot?

The correct size is very important when buying bedding . The standard dimensions of a baby cot are 120 × 60 cm. Good, but if the quilt is a little wider so that it can well cover the toddler squirming at night. A child may throw it off in a dream, which we do not want, so it is good if it is slightly larger. Bed linen will be perfectsize 120 × 90. As for the quilt cover, it should be the same size as the quilt you purchased. In stores, you can also find quilts of 100 × 135 size. It is worth taking them into account, especially if you want the quilt to serve your child for a long time. This is a good solution for an intensely growing toddler. It will provide your child with adequate cover, which will improve the comfort of sleep and good thermal insulation. A toddler must feel safe in his cot, and a properly selected bedding will give him such a sense of security. Quilts can usually be purchased in a set with pillows of 40 × 60 or 40 × 50 sizes. The pillowcase must therefore be of the same size.

What to pay attention to when choosing bedding for a baby?

When deciding on bedding for your child, you should pay particular attention to the material of its manufacture. The most recommended natural material is of course the well-known cotton. The material used inside the bedding is also important, i.e. the filling of the quilt itself. It is not worth buying those with plastic filling. Among others, petroleum derivatives are used in polyester fillings, so such products should be avoided. However, fully safe, natural cotton fillings are recommended. When buying bedding, pay attention to the fact whether it is not allergenic and whether it is easy to keep clean. At the very end, let’s consider if it meets our visual requirements.

The appearance of children’s bedding

Of course, when searching for baby bedding , the first thing we notice is its appearance. Every parent wants the toddler’s bed to be aesthetic and delight with colors. However, let’s remember that this is not the most important feature we should follow. In stores you will find a lot of bedding in various colors and patterns, so every parent will find the perfect model for themselves. A good option is to purchase ready-made kits. We will then be sure that we have everything necessary for a child for his cot, and that all bedding elements will fit together and look beautiful.

Allergy bedding

When buying bedding, the most important thing is the material of its manufacture. Often we can see the designation of bedding, e.g. for allergy sufferers, on a given product . For children with extremely sensitive, allergic skin, the best solution is to buy silk bedding. This material is perfect especially in the summer period. Bedding silk fabric is machine washable, it is very easy to keep clean. The only downside is, of course, its fairly high price, but it is worth providing your toddler with such comfort thanks to silk bedding that is delicate for his skin. Another option is to buy satin bedding, which is much cheaper than silk bedding. However, it is too cold for a toddler’s skin, it is advisable to buy it only for an older child. The last solution is to buy flannel bedding. Such a product is characterized by excellent thermal insulation, recommended for colder days.

Buying the perfect bedding for such a young child can often be very problematic. The shops offer a wide selection of bedding, with interesting motifs and beautiful colors. Various types of filling are also available. Bed linen must be comfortable and practical at the same time. Made only of the best quality materials. It should be approved for use by children under 3 years of age.