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Where do workers from the East work?

Where do workers from the East work?Nowadays, in Poland we can meet a number of people who came to our country from the East to earn money. This group consists mainly of Ukrainians who, due to the difficult situation in their country, want to live differently and better, thus providing their families with much better conditions. Workers from the Eastthey come to Poland, work in employment agencies, receive orders. Usually they rent in several or a dozen or so rooms and live poorly in order to be able to earn money quickly and return to the family, or to send them a larger sum of money. Ukrainians can be found both in large cities and in small towns. 

They are looking for places in Poland where they can earn as much as possible and at the same time make a living for as little as possible. Such people mostly do not have work experience, have no education and are looking for any job where they can earn money. For, regardless of the position they work in, everywhere for them money is much higher than what they could earn in the East. Some people only come for a while to earn.

fast money for a car, for a vacation, for apartment renovation, others decide to stay longer to save some money and start living better. There is also a group of people who, after leaving, decide to stay in Poland forever. So where do such workers from the east work? What positions are they employed in? In which industries there are the most such people?

Workers from the East – work in cleaning companies

The largest group of people are employees employed in cleaning companies. For such work, almost no skills are required, there is no contact with people, therefore the language barrier is not a problem, such work is available immediately and almost anywhere. Such people work for private people, cleaning their homes, and also work in companies that are looking for employees through a temporary employment agency in Szczecin. This includes cleaning office buildings, production halls and all production facilities, as well as, if not primarily, blocks of flats. Such positions are usually occupied by women, but among men you can also find people who deal with cleaning works around the property, cleaning windows at a height, or other activities that are related to maintaining cleanliness in a given place.

Workers from the East – work in stores

The second group of people are workers from the East employed in shops, usually groceries. Such people do not work at the cash register, unless they have the ability to speak Polish. In most cases, however, such people work at lining the goods and working in the warehouse or back room. Certainly, most of us have encountered a situation in which the Ukrainians constituted the majority of a given supermarket or other grocery store, and not only. People who are our eastern neighbors are employed in drugstores, bookstores and other establishments that offer the sale of goods.

Workers from the East – work in production

A significant proportion of people are also people working in production. This mainly applies to the group of men. Due to the fact that the demand is still high and there is a shortage of people to work, it is workers from the East that constitute a significant part of people working with machinery, while driving on forklifts, while working in warehouses. Today, most of the production companies have employees from Ukraine as well as from other countries. Such people are reliable and have a professional approach to their work, which makes employers fully satisfied with them.

Employees from the East – courier companies

And another large group of people are employees from the East employed in courier positions. They distribute goods to customers and despite the fact that they have contact with them, basic knowledge of the Polish language is sufficient. These people are eager to work both the standard 8-hour work cycle, as well as they decide to work overtime, which is always many, because there is still a shortage of hands to work and the demand for people is very high. Ukrainians prefer to work as much as possible, because in the same way they earn a lot and will be able to return to their families in Ukraine faster.

In most industries where there is no need for education or greater skills, workers from the East constitute a large group of people. Today, in most cases, employment agencies have employees from Ukraine, who are still growing every month, and due to the fact that Poles go to work abroad to the west, there are no hands to work. In this way, Polish employers gain workforce, while the employees themselves have a job, thanks to which they can afford more money, and thus also greater opportunities.


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