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What should you pay attention to when choosing baby clothes

What should you pay attention to when choosing baby clothes. When a baby is born, young parents must be prepared to buy a layette for their toddler. It is not only about educational mats or diapers, because one of its most important parts are clothes for babies. The skin of such young children is very delicate, so the materials from which their wardrobe will be made must be carefully selected. 

What to look for when buying clothes for our child?


When choosing clothes for babies, the most important issue is the material from which they will be made. Therefore, before we throw a beautiful new body or pajamas into the basket, we must carefully read the information that the manufacturer included on the label. He must include information about the composition and origin of the fabrics from which the clothes are made. Ideally, the garments should be at least 90 percent cotton. It’s worth looking for the organic one, but it’s not a must. The remaining 10 percent may be other fibers that make the fabric more flexible and comfortable to wear. But we should avoid polyester or viscose. Such materials may sensitize a child and, in addition, are impermeable to air, which may make the child feel hot.

When it comes to clothes for winter (sweaters or warm socks), we should choose wool. However, you have to be careful that the sweater does not have acrylic, which can sensitize the child. When buying wool clothes, we must remember to care for them properly. It may turn out that we will have to wash them by hand. Linen, especially organic, will also be a good choice.

Comfortable cut

First of all, baby clothes should be comfortable. If we dress the baby in rompers in which he or she is uncomfortable, the baby will cry, and it will be difficult for us to determine why this is happening. When it comes to really young children, avoid clothes that have all kinds of zippers or buttons on the back. Such kids spend most of their time lying down, so the fastening at the back can be really bothersome. The material from which the clothes are made should be pleasant to the touch and non-scratchy. We should put something cotton under the wool sweaters, for example a T-shirt.

What’s more, it’s best to choose clothes that fasten with snaps. Buttons can be dangerous as your baby might try to put them in their mouth if they break off. A zipper will also not be a good choice, as it can break easily and injure the child’s delicate skin.


We must remember that children grow very quickly, so the size of their clothes will change frequently. Therefore, avoid buying too many rompers of the same size, as it may not be possible for your child to bear them all. Sometimes in stores you can get sets of baby clothes in different sizes, so we will be able to change rompers in a proven cut when the child grows. The most important thing here, however, is minimalism, it makes no sense to buy dozens of the same body.


Until recently, it was believed that boys should wear blue and girls should wear pink. Today, however, these trends are slowly changing and these limitations are disappearing. Nevertheless, if we buy clothes for a gift and we do not know what colors will suit the parents, we can choose something neutral. Regardless of gender, a child can easily wear shades of yellow, or more subdued gray or beige. Sometimes, however, it is worth breaking stereotypes and dressing a boy in pink and a girl in blue.

In addition, you should avoid clothes that have very vivid colors. Pastels will be the best here because they contain much less artificial colors. Such additives may sensitize the child. What’s more, they will also cause problems when washing, as they may stain other fabrics.

Cleaning baby clothes

It is very important that all clothes for young children are washed separately and not together with the washing of the whole family. What’s more, dedicated powders and liquids should be used to clean toddlers’ clothes. Ordinary cleaning products can sensitize a child whose skin is much more delicate than ours. In addition, the use of dedicated powders will make the clothes last much longer and we will even be able to sell them when our child grows out of them.


When choosing clothes for babies, we must first of all pay attention to the composition of the materials from which they are made, but also to their size and color. It is very important to avoid overly vivid colors that may contain harmful dyes. What’s more, it is also important to properly care for such clothes. They should not be washed with the powder we use to clean adult clothes. By following these few tips, our child will wear clothes that will not only be perfectly matched, but will also serve us for a long time.