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What should be in every tattoo studio?

What should be in every tattoo studio? Not every person interested in tattoos realizes how much attention should be paid to the equipment itself. The most important tools include not only machines and dyes, but also items that determine safety during tattooing.

What exactly? This knowledge will be useful especially if you intend to visit a tattoo studio in the near future.

The machine is the basic working tool of every tattoo artist. There are two basic types of tattoo machines – rotary and coil. They differ in size and – in a way – also in use. A rotary machine is much lighter than a tubular machine, by about half the weight, and it is pierced into the skin quickly and rhythmically, with lightning speed. This makes it ideal for making tattoo contours, but it is much more difficult to use than a coil machine; therefore, it is not recommended for unqualified tattooists, especially those who are just starting out in this field. Rotary machines have an electric motor, which is the main reason why amateurs shouldn’t go after it – an unqualified tattoo artist could accidentally damage a client’s skin.

In a rotary machine, the settings are usually predefined by the manufacturer – that is why professionals appreciate the coil machines more because they give them more room for maneuver. In addition, this type of razor allows for much greater accuracy, also because they are simply slower than rotary ones. On the best coil machines, the number of settings is practically unlimited, so they are perfect at every stage of tattooing. Which razor is better? This is a very individual matter, depending mainly on the preferences of the tattoo artist. You don’t have to worry about which one you’ll get tattooed, as long as you obviously go to a professional tattoo studio whose staff know what they’re doing.

While knowledge about razors is more useful to tattooists themselves than to tattooed ones, if you plan to get a tattoo in the near future, you will certainly need at least a basic knowledge of the carcass. First of all, make sure that there are no chemicals in the dyes to be used; if they got under the skin, it could cause a dangerous infection. For safety reasons, also ask about the manufacturer of the carcass, as some salons do not use specialized products from proven manufacturers, instead – at a lower price – they order dyes on websites such as Allegro or Aliexpress, which, usually produced in China, are of much lower quality from branded carcasses. The most renowned brands include Skin Candy, Kuro Sumi, Starbite and Eternal Ink; Their selection guarantees not only safety, but also long-term maintenance of the tattoo without compromising on quality. Also note that the used ink is from a completely new, previously unopened package; For 100% safety, only one person should be tattooed from one package.

The rest of the basic equipment of each tattoo studio includes such devices as lighting lamps, side tables and stools, but most of them are only for the comfort of the tattoo artist, so as a client you do not have to worry about it at all. What you should be interested in are disposable items: needles, gloves, masks, everything that determines the highest hygiene standards. When tattooing, the needles pierce your skin thousands of times, making it extremely easy to get infected. It is not without reason that tattooists have to undergo regular medical examinations, and their salons must be equipped in accordance with the highest standards, including sanitary and medical standards.

Sterility in the tattoo studio it should be maintained at the level that is maintained in hospitals. The needles must necessarily be disposable – contact with a needle that was previously under the skin of another client poses a great risk to your health. Therefore, there is nothing wrong with asking a tattoo artist to open the needle only next to you. Besides, every professional studio must be equipped with devices for utilization and sterilization of tools; an autoclave, commonly used in medicine, will work best. In addition, an ultrasonic cleaner also works well, as ultrasonic waves are able to clean nooks and crannies inaccessible to standard cleaning devices. Disposal containers are also necessary, where tattooists are required to throw away all needles, paper towels and gloves.

It is precisely because of the 100% certainty about hygiene that it is recommended to visit the tattoo studio before making an appointment (nowadays you can order an appointment online) – thanks to this you will become familiar with the hygiene standards that prevail there.

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