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What is product photography

What is product photography. With the widespread development and growing popularity of online sales and marketing activities, it has become necessary to present goods in the most seductive and tasty way. And it is possible thanks to product photography, which I deal with on a daily basis.

More and more often, restaurant owners, culinary magazines, cheat cooks, food producers turn to me to make their products more attractive with photos, and thus achieve greater commercial success.

Product photography is something special, and its task is to present a given product. The ever-expanding business scope makes it develop extremely dynamically. Every detail of the shot communicates something to the viewers and plays with the impressions. For the photographer, of course, that means making choices – light, tonality, focus, and other nuances.

What is product photography?

Product photography is a new, dynamically developing direction , where food is the main subject of photography. The culinary style owes its appearance to the development of gastronomy, in which display windows and advertising folders are invariably decorated with vivid photographs of dishes. With product photography, I create stunning images of culinary delicacies that everyone wants to try.

Thus, culinary design is often used for promotional purposes, revealing the aesthetics of the product in order to attract the attention of a potential buyer. At the same time, complex compositions, consisting of a wide variety of delicacies and culinary products, in the pictures of professional photographers evoke associations with the art of still life.

Today, food styling has become a self-contained photography style that aims to reflect people’s ideas about the most delicious and refined foods.

Product photography assignments

I am a professional food stylist and create high-quality and vibrant images to showcase a particular food or culinary dish from its best side. Only a well-made and thought-out photo of food can evoke such a huge desire in the viewer to taste it that his mouth waters while watching it. And then there is a desire to buy and immediately eat this product.

The main task of product photography in gastronomy can be to provoke the viewer to buy a product or to involve them in the cooking process. In any case, it is important that the food is presented in the perfect light, moreover, the food in the photo should even look much better than the original.

How does a product photographer work?

Food stylist photographers first create a creative idea for the photo, taking into account the advertising concept, carefully select dishes and other accessories.

At the same time, for the correct placement of accents, the shape of objects, their proportions, color combination and chiaroscuro are necessarily taken into account. However, to make the product in the photo as appetizing as possible, it has a whole arsenal of tools at its disposal.

Product photography is created in my studio or at the client’s. Next to my studio is a well-equipped restaurant kitchen where I create beautiful photos.

What is the purpose of my food photographs? Both photos on the menu, on the restaurant’s online website as well as on Facebook or Instagram are aimed at attracting guests. Beautifully presented photos make them want to come and try what they have seen.

Food as the subject of product photography

It may seem to many that there is nothing difficult about product photography in gastronomy. But in fact, living food is a very capricious model, which is not so easy to deal with. After just a few minutes, the finished culinary dish settles, dries, begins to change color and oxidizes when interacting with air.

As a result of these processes, the food completely loses its appetizing appearance, it starts to look very uninteresting in the pictures. Therefore, I have to resuscitate the product already during the shooting, taking appropriate measures so that the food does not lose the desired appearance.

Product photography is a great promotion tool in gastronomy, it is used in marketing because it shows photos of products intended for sale. The better they look, the more customers they can attract and ensure a better sales result and financial profit.

Such photos contain a unique emotional message that prompts viewers to take certain steps aimed at a specific action.

What requirements must product photography meet?

Surely everyone will say that it must meet the visual requirements and look tasty. This is true, but its overriding goal is to carry out business tasks, and this is the basis for effective sales. I am a professional with extensive experience in the technique of taking product photography, which is why I also offer my advice on choosing the best form of product presentation. It ensures adequate efficiency in the preparation of such marketing materials.

Nowadays, gastronomic photography is the basic tool in the work of marketers and sellers. Therefore, only professionally taken photographs can increase sales results and distinguish products from the competition. And this will create the perfect image of a restaurant or dietary catering.

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