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What is Aesthetic Dermatology?

Increased public awareness of the impact of unfavorable external factors on the condition of our skin and not only makes more and more people more willing to use beauty treatments performed by professionals. The rush of life, stress, stimulants, polluted air, as well as a bad diet, all reflect like a mirror, on our skin. 

Aesthetic dermatology allows you to use a variety of treatments to restore the skin’s natural glow and beauty, as well as smoothness. In addition, it gives the opportunity to improve the appearance, thus improving not only the gift, but also self-esteem and mental well-being. In recent years, a great development in this field can be observed, but what exactly is aesthetic dermatology?

Aesthetic dermatology, despite the fact that it comes from traditional dermatology, is not aimed at treating skin diseases. Its action is primarily aimed at restoring the proper balance to the skin, which, thanks to the treatments, gradually regains its natural glow and beauty. A very large part of aesthetic dermatology treatments is aimed at rejuvenating the skin. If you want to use this type of treatment, you should look for them in aesthetic medicine offices. Their offer includes a number of various treatments that differ in the degree of complexity, the necessity to repeat, and also invasiveness.

Who is aesthetic dermatology for

Aesthetic dermatology is a godsend for all those who struggle with all kinds of skin and body imperfections. There is really no age limit for their performance, only the state of health may constitute any barrier to use in some treatments. It helps to get rid of unwanted complexes that adversely affect the psyche and lower self-esteem.

Therefore, people using dermatological treatments not only improve their appearance, but also very often have a positive effect on their self-esteem. By giving yourself confidence. Among the many treatments offered by aesthetic dermatology, in offices you can meet, among others, with:

peels – both mechanical and chemical, they allow you to deeply clean the skin, improve and restore the natural skin tone, and reduce fine wrinkles.

IPL laser treatments – treatments with the use of this laser, helps to get rid of stubborn and unsightly hair, closes blood vessels , brightens all kinds of discoloration and scars, and eliminates acne problems and many other skin problems

Botox injection – helps to improve the shape and oval of the face, fill the lips and add volume and also fill in wrinkles

The prices of aesthetic dermatology treatments vary, depending on the complexity of the treatment performed, the place where it is performed and very often the size of the city. When using aesthetic dermatology treatments, it should be remembered that, like any treatment, they are at risk of complications, but their occurrence is really very rare. Each treatment should be preceded by a thorough interview, as well as consultations with a specialist, thanks to which you can reduce this risk to a minimum.

Who can perform aesthetic dermatology treatments

Aesthetic dermatology treatmentscan only be exercised by a person who is licensed to practice this profession and is a doctor. A dermatologist conducts all kinds of consultations with patients. The necessity to perform aesthetic dermatology treatments by a doctor results from the fact that such treatments as, for example, lifting or hair transplants, require precise incisions of the epidermis in a surgical manner. Appropriate qualifications of the doctor allow for such procedures to be carried out in a completely safe and as least invasive manner for the patient.

A good dermatologist is also a guarantee of an appropriately selected treatment to the needs, as well as its effective implementation, which minimizes the risk of complications. When performing aesthetic dermatology treatments, remember that that patients should always be informed by their doctor about possible side effects and side effects of the procedure in order for the doctor to accept the risk.

The dermatologist also has full rights to refuse the procedure if it carries too high a risk of damage to health or life threatening due to the patient’s health condition.

It would seem that aesthetic dermatology is only the improvement of the external appearance, but sometimes these treatments also have a very positive effect on the patient’s health. Each treatment, from lifting, through botox, chemical peels or carboxytherapy, has different properties and is dedicated to eliminate various ailments.

Choosing the right treatment is a task that belongs to a specialist, it is he who should suggest what treatments to perform in order to obtain the most satisfactory results, without exposing the patient to side effects.

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