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What cracks can be repaired

What cracks can be repaired. An extremely important issue with car windows is to keep them in perfect condition. A car whose windows are visibly damaged by chipping, chipping and chipping will not pass a scrupulous technical inspection, and the policeman has the right to issue a severe ticket to the driver.

The most important thing is to know what damage to windshields can be repaired and what cannot, or repairing them can do more harm than good. The latter will definitely include all kinds of damage close to the edge, i.e. the places where the fixings are located. This is especially visible in the case of a car windshield , which is most often exposed to damage from rubbish or stones flying off the road . The windshield is actually an essential part of the structure and greatly contributes to the durability of the entire car. That is why it is capable of carrying a greater load.

You should not repair holes that go right through and through any kind of gaps that are within a few centimeters from the edge, because we are not really getting rid of the problem, we are merely covering it. Therefore, let’s focus in the repair of windshields on the repair of all kinds of scratches, small chippings and superficial furrows near the center of the glass.

Ways to repair cracks at home

The most popular method of repairing windshields , preferred by car drivers, is welding with glue . Many companies, car repair shops and hardware stores offer adhesives for joining windshields, and this is usually the most budget solution and the simplest at the same time.

In the first place, you should buy the glue, remembering that ordinary glue in a stick or a droplet will not be suitable for this task, because it does not have the right chemical composition. The glue that holds us the cupboard may not withstand high speed car driving and rain.

The glue is sold with an applicator, which must be attached with suction cups to the area around the crack. Of course, we are talking about the case of a relatively small, round groove in the car windshield . Then screw the applicator inside, open the glue and drop the number of drops recommended on the package, usually around four to six. The only thing left to do is wait about ten minutes, watching the glue fill the gap in the glass.

Once the hole is filled to a certain extent, after which you no longer want to fill it anymore, then unscrew the applicator and wait again. The vacuum created in this way will start sucking out the remaining air, completing the work. Then detach the entire device from the car window , pour a few drops on any visible remnants of the groove and press it against the glass with foil. After another ten minutes, all you need to do is scrape off the residual glue with something sharp, such as a razor blade. At this point, be careful not to scratch the glass by scraping the glue.

A similar solution works for vertical scratches. This time, however, we need a bit of finesse, because we have to guide the tip of the dispenser from the bottom of the scratch to its top. In this case, be very careful not to leave any space empty and not to create air bubbles, as this may weaken the strength of the windshield . The rest of the process here is the same as fixing the round nicks.

Professional crack repair costs

It should be strongly emphasized that the repair of car windows is a relatively rare phenomenon in car repair shops. The delicate structure and specificity of this item make it often safer to replace the entire glass than to repair it. Of course, it is possible to order crack repairs, however, the mechanic will not undertake some of the activities mentioned earlier. That is to say, it will not repair a car window that is no longer properly drivable or will endanger the driver.

However, if we insisted on repairing individual grooves, nicks and deeper scratches, the one-time cost of repairing one damage is from one hundred zlotys and up. If we have to pay for professional service by a person who knows about cars, it is a rather large sum, as for applying glue within fifteen minutes.

What to watch out for

One aspect that requires attention is the repair of car windows using home methods. Ideas like homemade glue or mounting tape are not only frowned upon during periodic examinations by the traffic police, but are also dangerous. Poorly repaired glass will not last long and can be completely destroyed in the least expected moment.

It’s also worth avoiding all kinds of weird fixes that may be advertised as an excellent solution to all problems. Schemes of rubbing off damage or smoothing them with devices that are difficult to identify are popular . It is imperative to know if a given method is commonly used to repair windshields , would we find one in a workshop, or if someone really uses it. Often, unfortunately, it happens that various types of online retailers try to squeeze in miracle repair tools that at best will not work, and at worst will destroy the glass.