Uncategorized · 29 July 2020

Wedding dress – in white or color?

Wedding dress – in white or color? Choosing a wedding dress is an extraordinary experience for every future bride, because they dream of enchanting all guests present at the ceremony on this great and unforgettable day. According to our Polish tradition and culture, the Bride should go to the altar in a pure white dress symbolizing purity, modesty and innocence. Nowadays, you can get wedding dresses in various colors in wedding salons and boutiques. So how do you choose the right one? What to bet on? You will know the answer in a moment.

Does a wedding dress always have to be white?

You have probably heard the common opinion that the bride should stand in front of the wedding carpet in a white dress. This is the tradition and cultural habits of our compatriots, but we are more and more willing to draw ideas and inspirations from foreign fashion houses. Each season designers are releasing newer and more surprising models of wedding dresses that differ from the traditional and classic model of wedding dresses.

Today we will focus on the color of your wedding dress. We are convinced that at first you had a vision of a snow-white outfit that beats the eyes with its pure shade, right? How about deep red or pastel pink? Yes, dresses in this type of shades can already be found in Polish boutiques and wedding dress salons, what is more, there are many people willing to buy them. Modern brides who want to surprise their loved ones decide on such solutions.

However, if you are not brave enough, but at the same time you want your dress to stand out from other classic creations, you must know that white has many names. There are many shades of white, of course, they are so close to each other that at first glance it is difficult to notice any difference at all.

The seemingly classic white wedding dresses are usually available in shades of pure white, ivory, diamond white and champagne white. Ivory is a color similar to whitewashed ecru, champagne white contains an admixture of peach tones, diamond white is semi-transparent white, while pure white is a typical white with a strong color without any other color admixtures. Remember that these are basic shades of white, you will find many more on sale!

Bet on the contrast!

Do you want a bit of madness? How about a combination of classic white with another, slightly more extravagant color? Designers of wedding dresses offer future brides two-piece wedding dresses. In such cases, the corset may be, for example, white and the bottom of the dress in a wine shade, or vice versa. Everything really depends on the individual preferences of the bride. Fashion is constantly changing, from season to season fashion houses surprise with the originality of their designs. However, before you make the final decision, think twice, after all, a church wedding takes place once in a lifetime! Do you want to know what is currently trendy and in fashion? The best solution is to obtain the latest wedding catalogs and visit the websites of popular salons and boutiques selling wedding creations and accessories.

How to choose a wedding dress to match your beauty type? What should you pay attention to?

The wedding is a great event, on this great day all the brides wish to delight the gathered guests with their flawless and beautiful appearance. The shade of the wedding dress has a big impact on how you will look on this important day. Most guides often discuss the selection of an appropriate model of creation or material of performance, but less often we focus on colors. A wedding dress should emphasize your strengths and discreetly distract from your shortcomings – all designers and stylists agree with this opinion. However, for this to be the case, it is extremely important to choose the right shade of the wedding dress. The color must be matched to the type of beauty of the future bride to understand it better, learn to distinguish between types of beauty.

In the case of the first group, it is advisable to choose between wedding dresses in shades darker than the shade of classic white. Their beauty will be emphasized by, among others such colors as ivory, neutral beige and the colors of whitened pastels. However, you should avoid pure white dresses – fair skin, fair hair and snow-white wedding dress in combination will create a very uniform effect, so that the original beauty of the bride, instead of being exposed, will perish and blend with the color of the dress.

Ladies from the second group are in a much better situation, their dark olive complexion and hair will emphasize almost every shade of white and intense colors such as purples, burgundy, browns, fuchsia and pinks.

A wedding dress does not always have to be white, it is important that you feel good in it, no matter what color you choose. A radiant smile on your face will be the best addition to the whole on this important day!