Uncategorized · 29 July 2020

Water pipe – fashionable stimulant

Water pipe – fashionable stimulant. Some argue that hookah can be a healthier alternative to cigarettes. Over time, it is gaining more and more popularity, despite the fact that some studies show that smoking can be more harmful than cigarettes.

The harmful effects of smoking

The most talk about the harmfulness of smoking in the case of cigarettes. In this case, the risk of developing various types of cancer is significantly increased, especially lung, kidney and oral cancer. Because of this, smokers are starting to look for other options to find a healthier alternative. Existing bongo stores on the market are already showing the new trend. Customers are increasingly reaching for various types of cigarette substitutes, such as electronic cigarettes or water pipes.

Often, these types of drugs give a sense of relative security. They are presented as a healthier alternative. Not much is said about their harmfulness, because their presence on the market is still relatively small in relation to tobacco products.

New gadgets

When visiting a bong store or an electronic cigarette sales point, you can come across new products that are fighting for their position on the market of stimulants. E-cigarettes and vaporizers are quite a new invention. Despite this, studies have already appeared that talk about their harmful effects on the human body. Of course, as in cigarettes themselves, their electronic version also contains nicotine. However, inhalation of the liquid itself, which was contained in this product, is a lot of controversy.

Due to this, a large proportion of people choose another product, which is hookah. A bongo shop is a place to buy this type of item. A large number of people consider it a safe for health product. There are many places around the world where hookah is smoked for entertainment.

However, research shows that the matter is completely different. Just one hookah smoking session can deliver up to ten times more carbon monoxide than smoking a cigarette. Additionally, the use of a hookah can also stiffen arteries to a comparable degree as with regular cigarettes. This in turn can contribute to strokes.

A bongo shop may offer a variety of hookahs. Those with carbon heating mean that the level of carbon monoxide exhaled by a smoker can be up to 10 times higher than in the case of regular smoking. This level is lower when water pipes with electronic heating are used. Nevertheless, the nicotine level is equally high in both of these cases.

Harmful carbon monoxide

When choosing a hookah, it is worth checking carefully what method it is heated using. A bongo shop employee should let us know whether we are dealing with a charcoal-heated pipe or an electrically heated pipe. Remember that charcoal briquette produces a very high level of carbon monoxide. The water pipe additionally uses a burning briquette to heat the tobacco in the water pipe. This is how not only the harmful substances contained in tobacco, but also hookah smoke, exposes the smoker to large amounts of carbon monoxide.

What about addiction?

Proponents of hookah smoking often argue that its occasional use is not addictive, as is the case with cigarettes. The reason for this is the use of a water filter. Of course, the water filter absorbs some nicotine. However, this is not so much that it could protect the smoker from addiction. In addition, this filter is not able to dissolve toxins and tar.

A bong store often does not inform about the dangers of this type of product. What matters is the increase in sales and obtaining the highest profits. Some companies that offer hookah tobacco even state on the packaging that it does not contain tar. This is supposed to have a calming effect on the customer and persuade him to make a purchase. The truth is that no tobacco contains such substances. They are a side effect of its burning.

When smoking a hookah, bought in a bongo store , the tobacco is only toasted, and not burned, as is the case with classic cigarettes. This has the effect that the amount of tar is released. Additionally, aromatic substances make small amounts of nicotine have a stronger effect on the human body. However, hookah smoke is less irritating and therefore gives a relative sense of security. The smoker, not feeling the acrid smoke, can be convinced that the product he uses is not harmful to his body or is a less harmful substitute for cigarettes smoked so far.

The water pipe is gaining popularity. It is often used for all kinds of social gatherings. However, it is necessary to consider its influence on our health.