Uncategorized · 29 July 2020

Silver jewelry never goes out of style

Silver jewelry owes its timelessness to the neutral appearance of this metal, thanks to which silver accessories perfectly suit women of various types of beauty, they can also be combined with various styles. Silver will look great both as an addition to an evening outfit, it is also made of non-ostentatious, elegant decorations worn every day by young girls and older women. Men’s silver jewelry also has many followers.

Does silver suit everyone?

It is safe to say that silver or silver-plated jewelry suits almost every person. One can meet with the belief that mainly women with cold types of beauty look best in silver accessories, while women with warmer skin colors should use gold or wood ornaments more often. However, not every person can afford to buy gold jewelry, which is usually reserved for more important, unusual occasions, and many women prefer to combine it with an elegant party hairstyle and evening gown than with ordinary jeans and a sweater.

When choosing jewelry for yourself, you should also be guided by your own feelings about how we feel when looking in the mirror: does the jewelry match our character? Do the earrings or necklace match our hair shade and eye color? How does it match our outfit? Do we want it to draw attention or maybe we prefer a discreet, delicate ornament? If you choose the first option, remember not to overdo it with extravagance. Huge, distinctive earrings can be a great complement to your outfit, but if you pair them with a “baroque” necklace and an equally eye-catching bracelet, the whole thing can look a bit pretentious.

Silver jewelry and the type of beauty

The fact that you like a particular color of jewelry does not mean that it will perfectly match your skin tone, hair color and eyes. Certainly, when choosing ornaments for yourself, you cannot be guided by rigid frames and determinants, because it is your unique taste and style that distinguish you from the crowd and emphasize who you are and what you feel best. Silver jewelry it is chosen by many people not only because of its availability and affordable price. It is safe to say that it suits almost everyone.

To see which type of beauty is your favorite, see the popular classification related to seasons. Women of the spring and fall type have the so-called warm type of beauty, while winter and summer are the types with a cool skin tone. You can take a look at the color of the veins on your wrists in natural daylight. If they are greenish, you are warm-skinned, and if they are blue, your skin is cool. One can meet with the belief that silver jewelry suits people with a cool shade. The truth is that universal silver is also perfect for people whose skin has a warm shade.

Silver jewelry – a gift for every woman

If you are considering a gift for a friend, mother or partner, consider buying silver jewelry that will certainly be an elegant gift, but at the same time will not embarrass the recipient due to the high price. Cheap silver can be purchased not only from a jeweler, but also in many jewelry stores made of various types of cheaper materials. If you want a high-quality product, especially when you are concerned about the admixture of other metals that may cause an allergic reaction, go to a jewelry store and ask for jewelry made of the highest quality silver. If you want to give someone a silver gift, you will certainly find silver jewelry that will suit everyone’s taste. Among them, lovers of minimalist, cool style will find something for themselves, as well as supporters of more fancy rings, bracelets or silver necklaces with stones of various kinds.

The price of silver jewelry will of course depend on the fineness, i.e. the content of pure silver, the size, and the type of other accessories, such as stones or amber. If you want to give a loved one a gift which will surely satisfy her, observe what kind of ornaments she usually wears and what she likes. Thanks to this, you will be sure that you will not miss her taste. To personalize your gift, you can also choose to engrave your jewelry. It could be a name, an interesting quote, or your own message to that person, or a date that commemorates an important event. This way you will make your gift truly one of a kind.