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Selling a home – what do buyers pay attention to?

Selling a home – what do buyers pay attention to? Are you building properties for sale? If you’ve been on the market for a long time, you certainly know what works and what is disapproved by customers. However, those who are just starting their adventure on the real estate market should learn a bit about the laws that govern there. It is worth knowing what customers like, what is most often viewed and clicked by Internet users and what current real estate trends prevail.

Selling real estate is a difficult and demanding task. You need to know how to prepare a property for sale and how to write an offer ( real estate office szczecin ). The trends and expectations of clients towards the real estate market change with each passing year. Therefore, you should be up-to-date and check what is currently on top. It is important not only to encourage potential customers to click on the home sale offer, but also to visit it in real life. How to attract a client and encourage visits? What is important for potential buyers? How to prepare the house for photos and customer visits?

Rule one: think like a client

What do you think Internet users who click on a given house offer expect? Mostly photos. This is essential for anyone to click on your ad. Without photos, the ad loses its value. Think if you would like to buy the proverbial “pig in a poke”. No one will want to bother several dozen kilometers to see what the house looks like. Remember that no one will take your word for it when you write that the house is beautiful and well-kept. Beauty is a matter of dispute and depends on taste, and neatness can also have a different definition for everyone. This is how you can lay out any offer that does not contain photos. Feel into the client’s position and think if you would bet to click on such an offer.

When writing your ad, try to include as much important information as possible. People are lazy by nature, so if they don’t learn something from an advertisement, they won’t feel like calling or writing, or will just forget it and postpone it. So your ad will be forgotten. So try to exhaust the topic and include all the information, from the number of rooms to nice or not – neighbors. It is also worth mentioning any legal issues related to the home.

The smell matters

Fragrances are very powerful. If you smell oranges and cloves or the scent of gingerbread, you associate this scent with Christmas, a pleasant atmosphere and family warmth. Therefore, before visiting potential customers, remember to light delicate scented candles or bake some cookies that will be associated with your family home and shared evenings. Avoid nauseous, intense smells and air fresheners. If you want to check if the smell is too intrusive, go outside for a few minutes and come back home. Then you will feel exactly what people entering the building feel.

If you are concerned about playing with fragrances, because of ignorance of the customer’s preferences, choose something simple. For example, you can peel a few oranges or mandarins before the customer arrives, which will bring a fresh fragrance around the house. The smell of freshly brewed coffee is also great. There are very few people who don’t like this smell. Even if you are not a coffee lover, the aroma of this drink is pleasant, relaxing and fresh. That is why brewing coffee for yourself and the client is a great idea to evoke nice associations.

Interior preparation

The client forms an opinion about the property ( Gumieńce houses ), not only by seeing photos, but also by getting to know its interior. Therefore, both for photos and for visiting potential customers, it is worth preparing the interior well and ensuring the best memories. It is important that the property is remembered. It may be a detail that is unique or different. You also remember about treatments that will decorate the interior and make it cozier. How to make a house more attractive to potential customers without high costs and renovation?


      • Clean up – nothing scares the client away more than the ubiquitous mess. All rubbish and dirt spoil the appearance of even the prettiest house. Therefore, first start cleaning up. Thoroughly vacuum carpets, scrub grout, wash floors, dust and tidy windows. The house should shine with cleanliness. It is also worth washing gray curtains or replacing them with new ones.


      • Throw away unnecessary things – don’t clutter the interior. It gives the impression of a mess. Throw away old and broken things. It is better to focus on minimalism than clutter the space unnecessarily and optically reduce the room.


      • Add plants – go to the store and look for a few pots of nice looking flowers. They will bring life and some nature to the rooms. It is worth placing some blooming flowers on a table or bench and a few on the windowsills. Exotic plants and characteristic leaves will work in the bathroom. In the kitchen, set the herbs and spices. Remember to water!


      • Set up decorations – if you want the house to be cozy and encourage you to rest on the couch and make tea, then get the right accessories. It is worth tossing a few fluffy pillows on the couch, placing white wicker baskets for cosmetics on the shelves in the bathroom, and putting a candle or a figurine here and there.


    • Photos will fill the void – we usually hang photos from various family events, friends or our own memorable moments in our homes. Therefore, to add some warmth to the interior, it is worth setting up a few photos here and there. These can be photos from the Internet with random people, but they will still fulfill their function.