Uncategorized · 29 July 2020

Sale of studios. Szczecin is the perfect city for this!

The sale of studio flats in Szczecin is very popular, especially among people who want to start living in a big city. Buying a small apartment in the city center will allow us to breathe deeply and taste that legendary city life, which is so praised by everyone. We should remember that it can blossom in the most beautiful way possible at any moment. Access to theaters, cinemas and libraries will make us learn faster and better, and our hard work will pay off in 100%. That is why the sale of studio flats in Szczecin can be placed in the first place of good investment ideas. It will be used by both young couples who do not have to have a larger apartment yet, and those who for some reason will live alone. Mainly students. Studio apartments are not expensive, but the closer we get to the heart of the city, the more we will pay for them. That’s the cost of this fair exchange – on the one hand, we pay more, it’s true, but on the other hand, we don’t have to pay for commuting. Each student will be pleased with a similar attitude, especially if it is his parents who give him a comfortable life.

The sale of studios in Szczecin is also a great option for your own investment. Let’s say we have quite a lot of resources. Inevitably, it would be best if we locate them in real estate, because it will help us cut off the rental coupons. Then, such an apartment goes into the hands of students, who will be responsible for what has been entrusted to them. We have a steady flow of cash every month during this time. As the city limits shift from time to time, it may quickly turn out that the small apartment we bought in Dąbie will already be perceived as the city center and its price will start to increase. A wise person will therefore spend as much money as is needed for the investment. Over time, the apartment can be sold or lent to a child or grandchild. They will surely be grateful to us for help in taking steps towards independence. In this way, we will also teach them to manage their own property responsibly. After all, we will not take the apartment to the grave with us, it must be in some circulation.

Selling studios in Szczecin, however, is not as simple as it may seem. Each apartment must be carefully inspected by us before we make a purchase decision. It’s true that developers upload the most beautiful photos to the Internet, but we don’t have to believe these photos. We will be in a good negotiating position when we see the apartment with our own eyes. We need daylight for this, so let’s never make an evening out. If we are working, let’s try to make an appointment for the weekend. Let’s also take with us a person who is a bit confident in real estate and will be able to point out defects to us. There is also no problem with taking our own photos for later review. Ultimately, we are the buyers and we decide how the further cooperation will look like.

It is worth checking the opinions of the seller on the Internet. So let’s browse Facebook and the history of posts, let’s look at what other people – under their name and surname – write under specific offers. It may turn out that there is a misunderstanding (for example, we believe too much in negative opinions). You should always remember that there is an important rule in the Internet – a dissatisfied customer will leave a negative comment, not necessarily satisfied, only give a “like”. We also need Google feedback so that we can clearly define what people think about a particular seller. If we have questions, don’t be afraid to ask them. Better to lighten the situation and get to know it also from the developer’s perspective. It may turn out that the dramatic story we learn on the Internet has nothing to do with reality.

The sale of studios in Szczecin may turn out to be a difficult situation for our financial needs. This is why you should trust a large bank a bit and afford a larger mortgage than we originally planned. While indebtedness can be a bit scary, we also need to take into account that we may need more money, for example for renovation or for an apartment closer to the center. Forewarned is forearmed. We can also take a mortgage for a partnership with our parents – they will help us pay off at least part of this debt and we will not have to pay back that much. Ultimately, we can also do the same as many residents of Szczecin, and when we choose a studio apartment for sale, let’s go to Germany first. The earnings will help us pay at least part of our own contribution and this way we will be able to start with a blank slate. The disadvantages of this solution are that after coming to Poland, we will have to find a job anyway, otherwise no bank will grant us a loan. Either way, it sounds like an invitation to an epic adventure!