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Paving stones – what is worth knowing?

Paving stones – what is worth knowing? Paving stones are a cheap, but extremely durable material that we put on sidewalks, terraces or driveways. It owes its popularity primarily to the wide range of colors and patterns, as well as high aesthetics. What should you know when deciding to lay paving stones around your home?

Paving stones – properties

Paving stones withstand heavy loads and, if not sanded, have anti-slip properties. It is characterized by strength, durability and resistance to weather conditions. We can easily arrange paving stones, it does not require specialist knowledge or skills. It gives us great opportunities when it comes to aesthetics and decorations, it can give an interesting character to the entire plot.

High-quality paving stones are frost-resistant and can withstand at least 150 freezing cycles. Additionally, it does not absorb water because its water absorption does not exceed 5 percent. So it can easily cope with both low and high temperatures.

Division of cubes due to the material

We can produce paving stones from various materials . There are stone cubes, concrete cubes and field stone cubes on the market. Natural stones are used for the production of stone paving stones. They are primarily characterized by an effective appearance, durability and resistance to negative temperatures. Both driveways, paths and terraces are made of stone cubes.

The most popular is concrete paving stone, which in turn is characterized by good resistance to mechanical damage and a low price. We usually place concrete cubes in the garden and in parking lots.

The field stone cube gives character to the arrangement, it looks like a historic pavement. It can be used both in the garden, in the parking lot and in the driveway. Field stone paving stones are distinguished by an irregular, specific shape.

Cobblestones – how and what to clean them?

Few people are aware that paving stones require regular cleaning and proper care. In order for the cube to look good, we must also remember about proper, everyday use. In winter, the ankle should be cleared of snow and, importantly, we should not sprinkle it with salt. In spring, on the other hand, remove all raids caused by moisture, and get rid of mosses and weeds.

For the cleaning of paving stones, we can use a wire brush, burner or special cleaning agents available on the market. The most important thing is regular care and getting rid of sand, weeds or greasy stains on a regular basis. Then, without a doubt, the paving stones will look great for many years.

How to arrange paving stones?

When laying paving stones, you should remember a few very important rules. Of course, we start this process with the appropriate execution of the foundation. The best material for this is aggregate. However, we can also use sand mixed with cement or gravel. The substructure should be 20 cm long, unless trucks will run on the ankle – then 30-40 cm. A 3-5 cm sand or gravel bed is made on the foundation and then leveled.

Place a cube on an even base, which should fit tightly to each other. The laying of the cube itself is not really complicated, the most important thing is the foundation, with which it all begins.

Once the paving stones are laid, press down on them. Then we can proceed to the process of compacting and scattering fine sand, which should penetrate into the gaps, at the same time wedging the cubes between them. After sweeping away the excess sand, the surface will be ready. We can additionally secure it with an appropriate impregnation, but it is not necessary.

The use of paving stones

Paving stones are used primarily around our homes – we are talking about sidewalks, alleys and driveways. Some, however, decide to use the cube in a slightly more interesting way, making it a terrace or entrance staircase. It is a great alternative to stoneware or clinker tiles. The cube is also great as a retaining wall or as a border for flowers.

Advantages of paving stones

The greatest advantages of paving stones are durability and its wide application. We can use it in many places and in many ways, without worrying about it being damaged by the weather. All you need is proper care.

Most people also appreciate the relatively low price of the ankle, as well as the interesting effect that we can achieve thanks to it. The cube is able to diversify our yard or driveway, giving the entire plot an interesting and unusual look. There are also different colors of cubes available on the market, so we can easily match them to the garden or home.

Additionally, paving stones are very easy to care for, clean and refresh. In spring, summer and fall, it is enough to get rid of stains and weeds regularly. Its maintenance practically does not cost us.