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Lawyer – indispensable help in crisis situations

Queues in law offices show that legal services are necessary in many life situations. Poles choose lawyers based on their place of residence, although more and more popular lawyers have clients from across the country. Lawyers often specialize in specific cases, and after years in the profession they are specialists in solving criminal cases.

When is a lawyer necessary?

Lawyers can help you in many life-changing moments. Each of us may have a problem at some point in our life that only a good lawyer will solve and this is the moment when we should use the services of a law firm . We often associate the employment of an attorney with legal problems such as criminal cases, but his knowledge and assistance may be useful during ordinary events. An attorney can be very useful, for example, when signing a new employment contract (verification of the contract in terms of provisions that are unfavorable to us, which may be used against us in the future or limit our rights).

He is also often employed when purchasing real estate (house, commercial premises, plot). In this case, the notary will be a person who will be able to stand on our side and verify the contract, saving us from unfavorable records and minimizing the risk of financial losses related to the subscription. The lawyer can analyze the contract for us, advise and suggest, what amendments should we make to the contract to be more sure that it will serve us. A person who is not bound by the law often has no idea that seemingly irrelevant points in the contract are very unfavorable for him.

In a situation where our lawyer sees that the contract we are signing will be unfavorable, he will inform us immediately and protect us from the consequences.

Legal assistance may be useful during seemingly ordinary activities, e.g. when signing a contract over the phone. We will then use the help of a law firm and order the contract to be verified in terms of compliance with the law – whether the contract is beneficial for us and whether it contains abusive (prohibited) clauses.

How can an attorney and a notary help?

Many people using legal aid have a problem with assessing who we can turn to for specific legal advice. Therefore, it is worth knowing what you can contact a lawyer with and what to do with a notary and what is the difference between the two specialists.

An attorney is a person who has a university degree in law – must also complete a three-year apprenticeship training and pass an exam. Then, the prospective advocate is required to be entered on the list of advocates in the district bar council and take the oath. Attorneys are bound by the rules of professional ethics, including professional secrecy related to all matters they handle. He is subject to control and supervision, and the practice of this profession is regulated by law.

What are you going to do with a lawyer?

An attorney-at-law is a specialist with the most extensive powers among the legal profession. There is no limit to the types of cases he can handle and the clients he is authorized to represent. He can help you in criminal cases (e.g. in a situation where you are a victim of a crime or its perpetrator), in penal and fiscal cases, economic matters, related to construction law and real estate, with recovery of receivables and damages, in divorce cases, in the field of banking law , labor law, enforcement or family matters (relating to divorce or debts). A lawyer can represent you in the courts of all instances.

How can a lawyer help ?

– obtaining legal advice

– preparation of an opinion useful during the trial

– performance of contracts and pleadings

– appearing before the courts

– conducting negotiations

Notary – what does he / she do?

A notary is the right person if we need to prepare a notarial deed, i.e. a document that confirms the performance of a legal transaction. It will help in a situation where you want to, for example, sell or buy a real estate, plot or land, donate real estate to someone, transfer the right of perpetual usufruct, make a will or grant a power of attorney. The work of a notary public therefore mainly consists in drawing up contracts, e.g. a contract for the sale of an apartment and confirming its validity with your signature.

Go to the appropriate specialist

The fact that someone deals with the legal faculty does not mean that a given specialist will specialize in every field. Many lawyers choose a specific direction from the very beginning of their professional career. Some lawyers specialize in debt, economic crime and debt collection, while others are great at family matters or criminal law. So let’s look for a person who specializes in a specific field. Law offices very often employ several specialists in other fields to efficiently handle almost every commissioned case. When we turn to a professional, good law firm, we are sure that we will be served by a lawyer who knows his stuff.

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