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How to choose the perfect window blinds?

How to choose the perfect window blinds? Popular window blinds are widely used in every room in houses and apartments. In addition to fulfilling their basic function, i.e. darkening, they can also be a beautiful window decoration and an element of kitchen or bedroom decor. Window blinds are easily available in many stationary stores as well as on the Internet. Consumers can choose basically any size of roller blinds, method of their installation, material from which they are made, color and pattern. A affordable purchase can last for years. Those who would like to change their blinds can easily do so at any time.

Editing has many names

Window blinds are mounted differently. They can be hung by screwing them to the window frame, to the wall above the window or to the ceiling. This ensures that the blind will be permanently attached. Even a stronger pull of the blind will not make it fall. There is also an ideal solution for those who do not want to or cannot drill. The way out of the situation are window blinds glued to the frame. The blind is glued either to the window frame above the sash or to the sash itself. In this way, we will place the blind in the perfect place. When glued to a strong tape, it will adhere well, allowing it to be removed without causing any damage.

The pulled blind can be re-hung in a different place. Roller blinds can have cassettes with guides, thanks to which the roller blind always remains in place. The guides do not take up much space. Their construction and the size of the roller shutter do not restrict access to the window. The window handles are not covered, so that the lowered roller shutter does not interfere with any opening of the windows.

Roller blinds for every window

There is a wide range of window blind sizes available on the market. Customers who have atypical windows can also order custom-made roller shutters. They will be useful in practically every window – balcony, kitchen, high or low. Roof windows can also be equipped with roller blinds. Windows of any width and height can be additionally equipped with roller blinds. They allow not only to limit the flow of light, but also decorate it. They work best where there is little space, e.g. for a traditional large curtain. They not only regulate the brightness in the room, but are an ornament and a design element.

The blinds can be freely adapted to any style – classic, boho, Provencal or Scandinavian. They decorate windows not only from the inside. Visible from the outside, they also give a new look to the building itself. The wide design of window blinds means that they can replace other decorations in the room. They can also be easily matched with your favorite tablecloths, sofa covers or bedspreads.

Various types of blinds will meet all customer needs

Full, medium or weak blackout blinds can be installed next to the window. There are different colors of window blinds in many shades. Smooth fabric roller blinds in a uniform color are very popular. Of course, the choice is very wide – stripes, checks, polka dots, floral patterns are just some of the proposals that can be found on the market. There are several basic types of roller blinds – the aforementioned free-hanging fabric roller blinds or in a cassette on guides, Roman, Austrian, pleated, or day and night. Roman blinds fold upwards, and when they are moved, the material folds evenly from the bottom. Austrian blinds look a bit different, because the material is wrinkled and gathered into folds. Both types of blinds are most often used in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens.

They will also be a good choice for bedrooms. Day and night blinds took the Polish market by storm a few years ago. In order to let more light into the room in the morning, you do not need to move the entire roller blind – just slide it slightly. As a result, it gives enough light while still decorating the window. There are also pleated blinds, which have the shape of a harmonica and resemble blinds popular in the 90s.

Complete with a curtain or alone

Window blinds can replace or go with curtains and curtains. The use of blinds alone allows for better display of the window. It takes up less space, so it is a solution extremely useful in small rooms. Giving up traditional curtains and curtains results in less dust in the room, which always settles on the curtains. By using only blinds, you can also reduce the frequency of washing and save space in the wardrobe. Those who love curtains and cannot imagine rooms without them can combine both elements with each other. Window blinds look beautiful next to short curtains exposing the window. Then you can give up the curtains whose primary function was to limit the flow of light or the blinds can take over their function, and the curtains can only be used as decoration. Persons, those who decide to combine roller blinds and curtains can combine them freely. A dark roller blind can be matched with a light curtain or vice versa. They can also be of the same color.