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How to achieve your goal and become an attorney? The path of professional career development in a few steps

How to achieve your goal and become an attorney? The path of professional career development in a few steps. Are you sensitive to the harm of others? Are you always on the side of the law, so you have decided that in the future you will professionally provide advice and legal assistance? Do you want to know what first steps should be taken in this direction ? Below you will find information on how the entire process of training to become an attorney looks like, if you are wondering how your professional career will develop, be sure to read the rest of our post.

Is the law for me?

If you dream of a career as an attorney and at the same time you have some fears with this profession, this question has probably already appeared in your head. Unfortunately, you have to answer them yourself, we can only help you make the final decision by pointing to the pros and cons of practicing as an attorney.

Before you apply for law studies, consider all the pros and cons. Only a small proportion of secondary school graduates manage to complete their education successfully, and the vast majority of them drop out while still studying. The reason for this is simple – not all of them are able to cope with the enormity of knowledge how to assimilate, the material is difficult and the science is a lot. The future attorney, apart from having good memory, should be characterized by high self-denial, cleverness, inquisitiveness, commitment, good organization, etc. In addition, he must demonstrate the ability to think rationally and easily establish contacts with other people.

Working in this profession is associated with constant, sometimes unexpected twists and turns, which is why lawyers are people primarily with “hard skin and a strong character”.

Recruitment for law studies

Once you decide to become an attorney, start looking for a university that offers education at the Faculty of Law. In Poland, the most popular universities are in the capital – Warsaw and Kraków. Legal studies are paid studies, but the results of the matura exams should not be neglected. In this case, there are three candidates for one place, so if you are serious about your future, consider taking exams in additional subjects – WOS (social studies) and history, the results of which are taken into account in the recruitment process for law studies.

What is the process of educating a future lawyer?

After your application for admission to law studies is approved, your great and long adventure with the law will begin. Legal studies last continuously for five years, which is why they are referred to as one-cycle Master’s studies.

Classes mainly involve the acquisition of theoretical knowledge, candidates for future lawyers learn the history and basics of law and the provisions of its individual fractions, e.g. criminal law, civil law, etc.

The last year of legal studies will focus on writing a thesis and repeating the knowledge gained so far. The knowledge and acquired skills will be confirmed by the results of the final examination session.

After five years of study and defending a master’s thesis, each student receives a master’s degree in law, but this is not enough to be able to work as an attorney. So what else should you prepare for? About that in a moment.

What after graduation? Does a law student immediately become an attorney

Do you think that after five years of hard study you will be able to start working in a law firm? You are to be a divorce attorney in Warsaw . Nothing could be more wrong, after graduating, graduates are required to submit an application of their choice, which will last the next three years, only after passing the professional exam, they obtain the title of an attorney, which entitles them to work in the profession.

During the apprenticeship, students not only supplement and expand their knowledge gained so far, but also improve their skills in a given specialization. The application is a practical training that was not available during the studies. “Practice makes perfect” – you probably already know this saying, while completing the apprenticeship, students are faced with the obligations of an attorney for the first time, thus gaining experience that will be useful for them in the future.

Work prospects and attorneys’ salaries

After all, eight years after starting your studies, passing the professional exam, you can start looking for your first job as an attorney. The Polish labor market is rich in offers for attorneys, legal advisers and trainees, in this case there is practically no question of unemployment .

As a full-fledged employment attorney, you can look primarily in law firms – both state and private; in courts, large companies and corporations. Then your earnings will fluctuate in the range of PLN 3,500-4500 and sometimes even more, this profession is included in the group of future-oriented and most profitable professions. You will earn more if you work independently on your own account and decide to open a law firm.