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Dream vacation – Sardinia

Dream vacation – Sardinia. Although it is still a long way to vacation and another vacation, it is worth looking around for a place to rest. The offers of travel agencies are very wide, proposing trips to every corner of the world. So what to choose to be able to fully rest? Let’s rediscover Italy.

Replacing a desk at work with a sunbed on a beach by the Mediterranean Sea sounds very tempting, which is why Italy is so popular as a vacation destination. The country attracts with its history, romantic charm and beautiful beaches. It offers visitors at least a dozen fantastic places to visit. So which one should you choose? Last year, holidays in Sardinia were very popular, so let’s check what tourists can see and do. It’s worth taking an interest in Sardinia apartments .

Beautiful Capital – Cagliari

Sardinia itself is the second largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. Its area is about 24 thousand. km2 together with adjacent islands, it is about 200 km long and 120 km wide. Administratively, the island is divided into 8 provinces and 377 municipalities. It is about 200 km from the mainland of Italy and 14 km from neighboring Corsica. These distances do not matter much due to the good communication of the island, air connections are especially developed. The capital of Sardinia is the city of Cagliari, the city of 160,000 inhabitants lies in the south of the island, and is also the capital of the province of the same name.

The whole island has a lot to offer to tourists, you can visit archaeological and architectural monuments and beautiful nature there. In each province you will also find beaches, mountains, rocks and rocks. What can you do in Cagliari? The town is full of charming streets with cafes and bars. The city’s interesting buildings attract attention – on the one hand colonial, sentimental, and on the other hand full of modernity, looking to the future. It is especially visible after looking at Via Roma, which is the most representative avenue of the city. Holidays in Sardinia are not only streets and beautiful architecture, but also beautiful, sandy beaches.

Through the stomach to the heart of tourists

Holidays in Sardinia are not only fun for our eyes and imagination, but also for the palate. It is worth noting, however, that there is no one variety of Sardinian cuisine. It varies a lot depending on which province we are in. We will also see a big difference when comparing Sardinian cuisine with typical Italian cuisine – pasta is not actually served here. In Sardinia, veal, mutton and lamb are predominant. We will also meet pork, goat and venison, and seafood is dominant in the port cities. As you can see, the cross-section and the richness of meat dishes is very large. A holiday in Sardinia can therefore be an ideal opportunity to try new dishes.

Most of them – this is a characteristic feature of the local cuisine – are served grilled. Basically every meat in Sardinia is grilled or baked over a fire and they are really great at it. Every dish is obligatory with vegetables, most often paprika and artichokes, as well as goat and sheep cheeses. For dessert, you must order sebadas – a cake with cheese resembling a donut. As in all of Italy, wine from local vineyards is served to each dish.

What to see in Sardinia?


Alghero is one of the most popular places on the island, so it is better to avoid it in high seasons. Year after year, crowds of tourists visit this place to see the defensive walls that lie right on the seashore. Not far away, on the Caccia peninsula, there is a breathtaking gulf of 200 meters. The neighborhood is often called Little Barcelona because of its Catalan roots. In low season the place is very quiet, car traffic is moderate and it does not look much like a busy seaside resort.

      • Sinis Peninsula

Another very popular place on the Italian island. It is mainly associated with quartz beaches made of very fine sand that delight tourists. There are also protected areas with many species of rare birds and plants. This place radiates peace and quiet.

      • Wąwóz Su Gorroppu

The almost 500-meter-deep ravine arouses fear and delights with its size at the same time. It is one of the deepest gorges in Europe. It is very narrow and the walls are almost vertical. According to local legend, it is inhabited by devils.

      • Nuragi

One of the must-see places on the must-see during holidays on the island of Sardinia. The building was built over 4,000 years ago, so it delights tourists with its prehistoric mystery. The most famous nuraga is Su Nuraxi in the town of Barumini, near Cagliari. Sardinia guide is a great option

Dream vacation

Sardinia is a magical, mysterious place, and at the same time very charming and romantic. Fans of seaside tourist resorts, architectural monuments and even those who like peace and quiet will find attractions for themselves. Everyone should be delighted with the varied Sardinian cuisine. When choosing a place for your next vacation, it is worth considering Sardinia.