Uncategorized · 29 July 2020


Doors are a necessary element of every home, we cannot function without them. Whether we are talking about internal or external does not make a difference, because both are necessary for the functioning of our house, apartment, garage or any other building. 

When we decide to build a house or when finishing an apartment, we have to decide what doors we want, both internal and external. However, referring to the internal ones, we have a lot of questions: What manufacturer to choose to be solidly made, what color should they be to match the rest of the interior. All these questions must be answered in order to be able to choose the perfect ones that will meet all our requirements.

The most important aspect will be their functionality, so what, that we will like them and they will fit the interior if they do not fulfill their function properly. Nowadays, there is a trend for the so-called: open space, i.e. not to insert a door in rooms such as a living room or a kitchen and to connect these two rooms with each other and to make the room look large. However, if we have a different vision and want to separate the kitchen from the living room, it is worth considering the choice of glass doors so that they allow light to pass through, making the room brighter.

If it is time to choose a door to rooms such as: A bedroom or a toilet where we need some intimacy and privacy, it is worth investing in a door made of a durable object, preferably one that does not let sound through, it will provide us with comfort and peace in intimate moments. When choosing the door to utility rooms, i.e. pantry, laundry / drying room, it is worth investing in sliding and wider doors to facilitate the transfer of items to these places. Another type of door should be chosen for the garage or boiler room, where it is best to put in airtight and fire doors to protect against possible fire.

Moving on to the color of the door, it is best that they harmonize with our interior, so that each door will not be from the so-called: Another parish and will not match at all. The exception may be the door in the children’s room, where we can allow ourselves a bit of madness and use a different combination of colors than in the rest of the house or apartment. An important element is also the adjustment of internal doors to the walls: two possibilities can be used here: the door can blend into the wall or clearly stand out from the wall. Another aspect that we must not forget is matching the door to the walls, the most advantageous will be when the walls and doors are of the same color. An interesting fact is that the current trend is dominated by white, it is universal, so it goes with everything.

The most important thing that dominates over the color is what material the door is made of, because the color can always be matched, and we will not save a badly made door. The most common types of doors on the market are plate doors and panel doors. The panel door consists of glued coniferous wood or MDF board, and there are also elements of the filling, which are responsible for the durability and flexibility of the material. In turn, paneled doors consist of a structural frame and panels, which are filling. The visible difference between these doors is that in the panel door the frame is invisible in the paneled door the frame is visible.

The next choice is color, it is no longer as important as their producer and contractor, but still it is a very important element. The most popular color today is the door in wood-like veneer, these are the most modern and are covered with UV varnish. You can find many veneers imitating wood on the market, but be careful to buy good quality material.

The best and most suitable option will be the choice of white doors, they fit perfectly with a wooden floor, tiles and panels. They usually blend with white walls, so we can afford bolder accessories in the interior. An interesting alternative to calm and subdued colors will be to paint the walls in sharp colors and, additionally, white doors will calm the interior.

For people who like non-obvious solutions, an interesting idea can be colorful doors, they will certainly stand out and give the interior a bit of madness. However, you should not overdo the colors so that it does not come out of kitsch. The hit of recent years is the door leaf finished with the same material as the wall around it, which makes the door practically invisible. It may seem like a very crazy idea, but sometimes it is worth using such a solution so that boredom does not creep into our home.

You need to know that in order to use such a solution, it is necessary to prepare a door opening with appropriate dimensions, it must be at least 1 cm on each side. Various materials can be used for this solution, e.g. glass, mirrors, wallpapers. It all depends on our taste and preferences, you can undergo various, not obvious combinations in this matter.