Medicine · 24 June 2020

Do you want to correct the nose?

Rhinoplasty is one of the most popular aesthetic treatments. Many people choose this plastic surgery.

Patients’ needs

Correction is popular in patients of all ages, ethnic groups, regardless of gender. Each client can have their own desire and motivation for surgery. Surgeons should consider the unique needs and aesthetic requirements of the client. An older patient will have different needs than a teenager. Sometimes there are special situations. A nose that has been severely damaged after an accident should be operated differently than a person with a cleft lip or palate. Each case is unique.

Advantages of nose correction

Rhinoplasty has numerous cosmetic and health benefits. It allows you to remove a hump, reduce the wide end of the nose, or lift a falling nose. By improving the nasal septum, we can breathe better.

Necessity of consultation

Nose correction can be combined with other facial treatments. Most often it is combined with chin surgery. If we want to change the shape of the chin, we can opt for an implant or genioplasty. In this way, we harmonize the dimensions of the face. Facial surgery can complement each other. It is worth making an appointment for an earlier consultation. The doctor will inform us initially of the expected effects. Visually it can show us the results of the operation. It will allow you to compare different options. Ultimately, it will help determine the right course of action.

A professional surgeon

It is important to find a surgeon who has the appropriate knowledge and experience. Thanks to this, we can get great results of the surgery. Let us remember that nose correction is one of the most difficult aesthetic operations. First of all, due to the anatomy and technical knowledge required. We must be aware that this is a difficult procedure. We should understand the importance of finding a professional surgeon. If we take care of it, the results can be very satisfying.

A difficult procedure

Rhinoplasty can be a difficult operation, even for experienced surgeons. It requires a high degree of finesse and sense of aesthetics. However, the results can be very satisfying. This is a very popular surgery. Nose correction balances facial features, corrects structural defects. Thanks to her, all patients will be satisfied with their face. There are two main techniques: open and closed. Many surgeons use the open technique. It allows a broad view of the nose structure and many options to change the shape and size of the nose. It is worth remembering that the course of surgery for each patient is different.

What do we need to know about nose correction?

Before making a decision, let’s arrange an initial consultation with a doctor. Let’s talk about our results. The doctor will inform us about the expected effects. There are several aspects to consider before planning your surgery.

Let’s be realists. Plastic surgeons can really do a lot, but they will not completely change the facial features thanks to the correction of the nose. The surgeon will take into account our facial features when planning surgery. It will realistically determine if it makes sense to perform a nose correction.

Let’s also be prepared for pain and rest after surgery. Nose correction is not trivial. Painkillers can alleviate the discomfort, but at the same time may cause side effects in some patients. After the procedure, we will have a dressing on the nose and nose for some time. What we will see after waking up may shock us. We may not be able to wear glasses for several weeks after the procedure. It will be difficult for us to breathe through the nose for the first few days, weeks and even months after the procedure.

We may feel surprised before we get used to the new look. If our nose is the cause of inferior self-esteem, it may seem to us that immediately after surgery we will fall in love with a new nose. However, this may not necessarily be true. We may feel confused for a moment. Our brain needs to get used to the new look. Let’s give ourselves a few weeks to get used to. It may also happen that our friends or family will not notice a nose correction.

Why should you decide to correct your nose?

Nose correction is not always about attractive looks. Many patients decide to have surgery to improve their quality of life. Partition problems can cause breathing problems and affect everyday life. The nasal septum is the “wall” that separates the nostrils. Patients who have problems with the nasal septum, from birth or because of an accident, often get tired. These types of problems can cause health problems.

A deflected septum can make breathing difficult. This in turn can lead to sleep and rest problems. Often, a deflected septum can cause a stuffy nose. These people may also be more prone to nosebleeds. An increase in sinus infection is a common side effect of the septum curve. Sinus problems can lead to breathing problems and frequent headaches.

Therefore, nose correction not only improves its appearance, but also has numerous health benefits. In this way, we can eliminate many cosmetic and health problems.

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