Uncategorized · 29 July 2020

Car Rental – How To Plan Your Marketing Activities?

Car Rental – How To Plan Your Marketing Activities? When it comes to product marketing, it’s a little easier than service marketing. Marketing of services is difficult. The car rental industry is homogeneous.

There is very little variation in characteristics, benefits and / or quality. So these industries operate on the basis of price and availability. The marketing strategies used should be unique, profitable and up-to-date in this industry.

Focus on branding.

Without being able to determine the real difference between rental companies and the tendency to make quick decisions, customers usually consider brand and / or price criteria when selecting a company. If the brand criterion is not clear, the final decision is based on the price. Therefore, it is important that you create a clear brand. Try to make your customers associate your brand with high quality. For example, customers may associate your brand with a foreign brand, a variety of services. Think about the price and whether you want to offer only one type of vehicle. Or, you can focus on the high quality of the offer and related services. After all, understanding how your customers perceive your brand is key to success in such a competitive market.

Focus on your existing customers.

If you are an established company in the car rental industry, focusing on existing customers and increasing their level of satisfaction is key to success. Getting a new customer is a very difficult task in a given industry. However, it is much more difficult in the service industry and especially in the car rental industry. Maintaining a satisfied customer ensures business continuity and additionally attracts new customers. You can also propose service packages. Then you will sell more than one service for a good rate. All services are used and at the same time you offer a good price . Additionally, creating loyalty programs is very valuable.

In the case of a new rental, it is primarily about attracting new customers. You can only satisfy your customers’ needs through the availability of services. The most important thing is to be where your customers are. A recognized company attracts with its brand. However, a new company must always be where its customers are. For example, a novice rental company can partner with hotels. Tourists willingly use car rental services .

Pay attention to customer service.

Customer service in the car rental industry is extremely important. There are many elements related to the industry, such as roadside assistance, car replacement, repair shop services, and responding to customer complaints. Understanding how to create added value through an additional cost effective and valuable service is a must. An additional service can harm the brand if it is not of high quality. It can also harm a business if it generates costs, even if it provides a high level of customer satisfaction. Remember that customer loyalty and commitment is very important.

Don’t advertise, but use marketing.

Advertising is a very expensive solution for companies selling products. It is also not a practical solution for companies that sell services (especially in the car rental industry). They generate additional costs and take away the efficiency element to cope with competition. Using TV commercials, newspapers, and other traditional advertising means will not bring you extra profit.

It is enough to create brand awareness by applying marketing methods. Plus, they provide ROI and ways to measure the effectiveness of your business. Communicate your brand value and services.

Recognize your customers.

In addition to offer-dependent loyalty programs, getting to know your customers and the value of brand association is a must. To be a leader in your industry, you need to set standards for other employees. This way you will achieve better results. Reward employees for efficiency.

Basic advice for car rental owners.

It is important to understand the needs and desires of your target customers. Gain in-depth knowledge of cars, auto trends, travelers, professionals and marketing. You should be highly skilled in obtaining the contact details of people who would like to rent a car.

The costs of setting up a rental shop are high. The company will require a fleet of vehicles, offices, computers, printers, high-speed Internet, incorporation fees, company and car insurance. In addition, you have to take into account the cost of vehicle maintenance tools, camera system, employee compensation and marketing efforts.

It’s best for you to find a niche. Perhaps you will focus on people who travel on business. However, you should not neglect other customers, for example those who travel for tourism. You can have many different vehicles ready for rent at any time of the year. Focus on clients with different interests. They can live in different places. Stay tuned in finding new partners. Establish cooperation with local hotels.