Uncategorized · 29 July 2020

Business idea – tow truck rental

Many young people dream about their own business. They are tempted by the vision of independence, independent business planning and, of course, the opportunity to earn more than a full-time job. Markets in Poland are already highly saturated with competition and it is increasingly difficult to find a gap there. So it is worth observing trends and finding opportunities in them. The car market in Poland has changed a lot in recent years. After the huge boom in imports of used cars from the west at the beginning of the century, it has now evolved to increase competition and increase the number of internal transactions. Poles are still eager to download used cars from the West, and the car market in Poland is teeming with life, so it is worth thinking about investing in the rental of tow trucks or tow trucks ( Szczecin tow trucks ) for car transport.

How to start a business?

Operating in the automotive industry always requires considerable financial outlays before starting a business. The purchase of a tow truck, and especially of the entire fleet, requires a large expense. Of course, as in the case of passenger cars or vans, also in the case of tow trucks, there is a possibility of financing with a loan and leasing. In the case of new companies, the bank or leasing company will definitely require security in the form of own payment. How much does a new tow truck cost? The price divergence is very large. A new tow truck for bristles can cost up to PLN 150,000. For this amount, we get modern car transport equipment, convenient to use.

After purchasing the required equipment, you must purchase its insurance. It is also a serious cost for people just entering serious business. However, the purchase requires a mandatory liability insurance, it is also good to think about the carrier’s OCP. This insurance protects against damage to the transported goods. Often, the transported cars significantly exceed the value of the tow truck, the carrier’s OCP insurance protects the entrepreneur in the event of theft or damage to the transported goods.

How to act before starting a business? When setting up this type of business, you should decide whether we will provide the service only in Poland or abroad. This is a very important issue, the choice of licenses will depend on it. When renting tow trucks outside the country, we will need an appropriate license for international transport. Such a license is issued by the Chief Road Transport Inspector.

Car rental price

How much it costs to rent a tow truck depends on several things. The price is primarily influenced by its size, permissible total weight and the time for which we rent a tow truck or a tow truck. The rental price also varies depending on the region of the country. In the areas near the Western border, it reaches a higher price than in the East. Higher prices are achieved by renting tow trucks in the so-called ‘Merchant Basins’, where there is a greater demand for this type of service.

As mentioned above, the price of renting a tow truck depends mainly on the rental time – it is mainly settled for daily rental. The average price range is 250 – 350 PLN per day. There is of course the possibility of a shorter rental period, for example for 5-6 hours – then the cost is about PLN 170. Of course, it is also possible to rent for a longer period such as a week or a month. The rental price also varies depending on the length and capacity of the tow truck and additional equipment such as safety belts. The main point of differentiation is the presence or absence of the driver. It is an important issue when setting up this type of business – whether we want to work also as a driver or just share a car. The wages of a tow truck driver can reach even several thousand a month, depending on how many routes he travels a week.


When opening a business involving the rental of tow trucks and tow trucks, it is worth considering the specialization of our business. We can offer to transport cars from the Western border or deal with it only in Poland. Another option is to provide tow trucks as roadside assistance. Year after year, there are thousands of accidents on Polish roads, many of them end up with serious damage to cars that are not able to drive to the garage on their own. When choosing such a specialization, the location of the business is important. Roadside assistance has the chance to earn the highest income if it is located near highways and expressways.


Before you decide to buy a tow truck and run a rental, it is worth considering a few issues. First of all, what specialization we want to deal with, it may depend on how quickly we find the first order – so important at the beginning of business. Another dilemma is the purchase of equipment, whether we choose a new one or we decide to buy a used one. In addition, it is necessary to obtain appropriate licenses and permits as well as purchase compulsory insurance. A well-calculated business plan will ensure the car rental company a success on the market.