Uncategorized · 29 July 2020


Hello, I have a mega topic for you, so if I can ask you for a few minutes to read this article, I encourage you to read it. For some time now I stopped earning money with hard physical work because I just felt it was taking a bad toll on my body. There is nothing wrong with that if you feel the same way, because we are all different and not everyone has to work physically for eight hours a full-time job. Certainly, there will be supporters and opponents of this thesis, so at the beginning I would like to emphasize that there is nothing wrong with manual work and, in my opinion, people who earn a living this way deserve great respect, because I know how much it costs them.

Before I share with you my ways of earning money online, I would like to tell you about my experience in physical work. Well, the first job I remember was excavation work in the countryside where I come from. Personally, I think back to the countryside all the time, because it is the hard physical work that made me appreciate the one I have now. After the excavations, it was time for some more serious tasks, then I was interested in metalworking, i.e. the so-called cutting. At the beginning it was very interesting how you can create something very useful out of an ordinary piece of steel, and even more so, it made an impression on me because it brought a lot of money. Willy-nilly, the presence of lubricants, vapors and, most of all, the constant physical effort effectively repelled me from this work. I remember that the only real advantage of machining is that I got to know math better than I did in school, which was useful for me in high school. Later I was still working on various works in the gardens, such as mowing the grass or cutting hedges.

After that, it was time to work in construction, I dealt with literally everything from ordinary construction to the construction of the roof truss. Thanks to this, I got to know many issues that have been useful to me more than once in home repairs, also each job has its advantages. Gaining experience is the basis, however, it was after this hardest work that I decided that it was time to go to work behind the desk, because I was injured every now and then. It is true that I am born nine lucky people, but I did not know where to start, using a computer is one thing and working on it is another. I was looking for something on the internet and found some classifieds articles, unfortunately my beginnings were very hard. In addition, I was unlucky enough to encounter ordinary scams and for some time I was simply out of work. I earned my first money on the internet from advertising.

Of course, it’s hard to talk about success here, it was a pittance, but it’s already a start. I started to be interested in marketing and I was looking for more and more orders, the implementation of each of them brought me some money, but then the accounting appeared. The tax settlements fell on me like a bolt from the blue, and it’s hard to believe that I got it so easily. Of course, not without help, I have a colleague who deals with this professionally and for him accounting is his daily bread, but it was with him that we established a partnership. I do what I know about, such as advertising, graphics, blogging and marketing.

My friend covers all this accounting and I know that thanks to him I can count on order in my papers, and in addition, we get more and more orders for such conduct from various people. Usually, accounting causes too many problems for people and they prefer to have someone experienced in taking care of their accounting. Our work together brings quite good money at the moment, so I decided to write this article to inspire everyone who is looking for income to work together in the first place. Nowadays, acting alone is not a good idea and it is better to get on with someone, because two heads are better than one. Of course, the fact that I am writing about this method of earning does not mean that there are no others, there are a whole lot of possibilities and we are only limited by our imagination. Accounting turned out to be quite a fruitful business for our company, and in fact, I never suspected that it would interest me one day. Therefore, if you still haven’t found your job, it will definitely happen over time.

Of course, when you find the right business partner and start working, the accounting will not miss you, so perhaps you will commission us to take care of your accounts. I am reaching the end of the article and in my opinion there is no simple answer to the question of what kind of business is good for people who do not want to work physically, no, because there is no such thing, but because there are a lot of them and everyone has to find something for yourself. It’s not easy to switch from working outside the home to working from home, but in my opinion it is definitely worth a try. Thank you for the time and attention devoted to this article, and if the accounting catches you, I encourage you to find our company, and good luck with your job search.