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Attorney Bydgoszcz

Attorney Bydgoszcz. Are you troubled by a difficult legal problem and do you need the help of a lawyer in Bydgoszcz? I will help, I am an attorney with extensive experience in courtrooms, I provide comprehensive legal services to individual clients and companies. I handle each case in an integrated manner, with the highest commitment to achieve the best possible result for the client.

The main advantage of my legal practice is the development of unique and effective methods of solving complex and unusual tasks for clients, using comprehensive legal knowledge.

Legal advice – from all branches of law offered by the lawyer.

Family law – divorce, separation, alimony, parental authority, division of property (prenuptial agreement, property separation), etc.

Inheritance law – testamentary and statutory inheritance, acceptance or rejection of inheritance, acquisition of inheritance, legitim, division of inheritance, etc.

Labor law – claiming overdue wages, overtime payments, severance pay, reinstatement, etc.

Criminal law – fiscal crimes, prohibition to practice the profession, criminal cases, representing the accused or the injured party in preparatory and court proceedings, etc.

Administrative law – retention of driving license (penalty points), return of expropriated real estate, building permits, loan restructuring , etc.

Civil law – contracts, compensation, real estate (e.g. abolition of ownership, easement), etc.

Legal advice offered by a lawyer from Bydgoszcz

I advise clients in family and business disputes, develop comprehensive conflict resolution strategies and represent the interests of my clients before courts and other authorities. The legal advice I provide is based on specific knowledge and experience in a specific legal issue or a series of issues.

Legal advice helps me solve all legal issues safely and effectively. After all, clarifying this or that problem is already half the solution to the main problem.

Providing an informed answer to any legal questions, supported by experience and knowledge of laws and regulations, is a job in itself. This requires me to pay attention and meticulousness, which I do with full responsibility.

I work on a mutually beneficial basis and always offer the best for the agreed price. My main asset is the trust of clients.

The goal is long-term relationships, which in the legal business can only be built by fulfilling obligations towards the client. I take full responsibility for the results of my actions.

Consultation with a lawyer in Bydgoszcz

If you want to understand how the dispute is going, as well as get answers to questions about the specifics of the dispute in your particular situation, please contact me for an initial consultation.

At the initial consultation you will learn:

  • How best to proceed, based on your practice and your situation (at all stages of the process).
  • I will analyze potential threats and opportunities.

I present a list of required documents and suggest how to prepare them properly, as well as provide information on the possible date and cost of legal assistance in court.

Remember that my knowledge at the hearing will allow you not to stand still in the process, but to immediately determine which issues should be resolved first and how much time should be devoted to individual tasks. Working as an attorney in Bydgoszcz, I gained experience that will help me not only solve the problem, but also isolate the very essence of your problem, solve it comprehensively in the simplest and most effective way.

My legal knowledge allows me to understand the system and this will save you time, because I have practice in obtaining positive court decisions and I know how to do it efficiently. I do not promise that I will win every case, but I will certainly do my best to find the optimal solution to your problem.

Advice on family law is offered by a lawyer in Bydgoszcz

Family relationships are an integral part of everyone’s life. Unfortunately, sometimes problems go beyond the family and cannot do without outside help. I have been operating in the field of family law for a long time and understand the complexity and specificity of family disputes. My experience as a lawyer in Bydgoszcz and an individual approach to each specific case will help you get out of this situation.

The most requested service in family law practice is providing one-time legal advice. Such consultation in family matters often precedes further work, because only during it, after analyzing documents and circumstances, I can present practical guidelines for the necessary actions.

When it comes to representing interests in court in cases of this category, I provide services in the following categories: divorce and division of property, recovery of alimony, prenuptial agreement.

All family matters primarily affect the emotional state of a person. Anything involving family ties and personal interaction requires tact and great attention to detail. Therefore, during your case, I will always be in touch, you don’t have to look for me or call me to get information, I will call you myself and keep you informed all the time. I will become a reliable base and support, I will make every, even the most difficult task, simple and accessible.

I always explain the whole situation in such an accessible way that you will not have any questions and doubts about how to solve it.

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