Uncategorized · 29 July 2020

Apartments by the sea

seaside apartmentsIf we feel financially secure and determined to stabilize our rhythm, settle in one place and start a “new life”, the undeniable result is the purchase of an apartment. This guarantees independence (from the owner, from rental prices, from the uncertainty of long-term rental), a sense of being fulfilled and responsible. It also allows one to integrate and assimilate with a given territory, neighborhood and people. And what is the right place for it? If we are not supported by any private reasons (close proximity to family members, permanent work, others), apartments by the sea may be a great solution. Each seaside town offers the purchase of amazing apartments or graceful single-family houses. But is it really a good idea? Do we only have advantages from living by the sea, e.g. apartments in Ustronie Morskie? 

Having our house near the sea, we do not have to pay large sums of money to go on vacation – we have sunbathing at your fingertips. This is one of the undeniable advantages, as long as we get used to the crowds in the summer, and the view of the sea and seaside attractions does not get bored too quickly. If not, we will certainly be happy to visit the sea at any time of the year, at any time of the day or night. If our apartment is not too far from the sea, we can admire it even while sipping morning coffee or evening wine while looking at the window or sitting on the balcony. However, don’t let this deceive us – although we will save money by not investing in a holiday trip to the seaside, it will definitely give us a lot of dust when buying a property in this area. Unfortunately – something for something.

Another advantage of buying an apartment by the sea is staying there in the off-season – that is, from August to June. Only then are the streets finally empty and quiet, so charming, the shops free of queues, and the beaches (especially in the evenings) empty and atmospheric, despite the lower temperature. Not to mention the view of the sea during the day – when it is not blocked by a hedge of screens.

What’s more, the advantage of living by the sea permanently is that while in the summer season, annual tourists encounter ice cream parlors, casseroles, kebabs, souvenirs, knick-knacks at every step, so happy inhabitants of seaside towns hate this sight all year round. They disappear with the onset of the first cold days. Strange as it may seem, most fish fryers are closing as well. But all this means that you can finally feel the real, beautiful and unique smell of the sea – not fried burgers and fish, not people sweating from the temperature – just the sea.

Starting with one of the smaller disadvantages of buying an apartment by the sea, it is a necessity to get used to the sounds made by seagulls – unfortunately not only during the day. They are one of the larger birds with quite loud voices, so it is better to learn to sleep soundly in advance, despite the sound conditions. But this disadvantage can be overcome – in the center of the town, a bit further from the sea shore, there are definitely fewer seagulls, which makes the nights calmer as well.

Despite the beneficial effects of the breeze for our health, being the owner of a flat by the sea and staying there also in the autumn and winter period, one should be prepared for a slightly stronger wind than in other parts of Poland. Not to mention the storms taking place at sea. If someone is a fan of slightly dangerous views, it will be a real treat for him to see the turbulent water flooding sometimes and a half of the beach and the waves overflowing over the breakwaters – for permanent residents it is a sight that does not make too much of an impression on them. However, in such situations it is difficult to go for a walk to observe the negative effects of the wind – it is so strong that it can push and push even adults.

And we come to the chase when it comes to the positive and negative aspects of living by the sea. The main disadvantage of living there permanently is, of course, the summer season filled with people, when there are incomparably more of them than residents. Then, even a regular visit to a local neighborhood shop takes as long as a visit to a large supermarket in the city center. The demand for store products is so great that sometimes there is even a shortage of them in stock, and ATMs lack banknotes to withdraw. Not to mention the negligible chances for an evening walk to the accompaniment of the quiet sound of the waves. It is impossible. And when it comes to the travelers themselves – the inhabitants of tourist resorts should bear in mind that not all “globetrotters” have enough manners and respect for other people not to do mischief and tasteless antics in the vicinity of their other place.

However, despite these disadvantages, anyone who lives by the sea permanently will not discourage anyone from sharing his choice. These surroundings are almost enchanting and magical, as well as picturesque and atmospheric. Apartments by the sea can only (taking into account all corners of Poland) compete with apartments located in the mountain shelter. However, it depends on which landscape the future owner of the apartment prefers.