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Agricultural machinery – mini tractors and walk-behind tractors with attachments

Agricultural machinery – mini tractors and walk-behind tractors with attachments. The modern landowner tries to maximize working conditions, harvest crops and carry out all agricultural work quickly and efficiently using agricultural machinery. Mini tractors and walk-behind tractors will help to cope with various tasks, will become indispensable helpers and work horses for many purposes.

The functionality of mini tractors and walk-behind tractors can be significantly increased thanks to various extras that can be purchased. Additional product categories, such as lawn mowers, trimmers, drills make the job will be easy, fun and wydajna.Tego type of agricultural machinery are characterized by high efficiency in use and will able to help the farmer for a long time.

Agricultural machinery tasks – mini tractors

The main tasks that mini tractors can easily solve:

  • Plowing and cultivation
  • Sowing, planting and harvesting
  • Fertilizers and plant protection products
  • Spraying the fields
  • Mowing the grass
  • Snow and garbage removal
  • Transport of goods and crops
  • Territory control
  • Preparation of feed, etc.

 How to choose agricultural machinery such as: mini tractor or walk-behind tractor?

When choosing such agricultural machinery, first of all, you should focus on the main tasks that it has to perform. It is not always necessary to look for a multifunctional tractor, you can focus on the main types of work. For work on the ground, it is worth considering the area, so it is better to buy a mini tractor 3-5 kW for territories up to 2 thousand square meters, 7-13 kW – for areas from 3 to 5 thousand square meters, as well as the most powerful 15-30 kW , suitable for large areas of 40-50 thousand square meters.

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the volume of the fuel tank, the weight of the agricultural machine, the width of its working part and other technical aspects. When judging the cost, you should consider purchasing a mini tractor or walk-behind tractor and all attached equipment to solve your major problems. A walk-behind tractor is an agricultural machine that is perfectly compatible with the attachments. The choice of one or another agricultural machine is very easy due to its functional purpose, and the result will be satisfactory for many years with full-fledged and diverse work. Attachments for walk-behind tractors are the key to doing all the necessary work on the ground with one technique. Its use increases work efficiency.

Single axle tractors are agricultural machinery useful on the farm

Depending on the brand, walk-behind tractors have their own specific differences in the possibility of installing attachments. With the help of additional devices that can be easily installed independently, you can plow fields, collect and even transport goods of different weights. Often, such an agricultural machine can be used with with accessories: harrow, rake, mower and many others, which will greatly facilitate the work of every farmer. Attachments for walk-behind tractors are specialized and are always aimed at simplifying the work, as well as reducing the cost of purchase. It can help solve many different problems:

  • The use of plows will help prepare the soil for sowing, loosening it with special knives.
  • Often, carts for transporting goods are additionally installed in the tractor blocks.
  • Huge selection of soil loosening equipment, applicable to various walk-behind tractors.
  • For cleaning with all kinds of brushes.
  • A walk-behind tractor can perform the work of a mower with the appropriate equipment.
  • A functional agricultural machine can be used not only in the field or on a garden plot, but also for public works, for example, as a snow blower.

Attachments for walk-behind tractors are the most economical way to perform a wide variety of jobs at minimal cost. Without purchasing additional equipment, you can perform all stages of the work on the ground with one device, changing only the accessories. Even a novice farmer can handle it.

Accessories for agricultural machinery – walk-behind tractors

Planting potatoes, especially in quite vast areas, takes a lot of time and your own strength. A potato planter for a walk-behind tractor is a very profitable tool that sows the seeds in already prepared soil. The structure of the agricultural machine allows seeds to be planted at an optimal distance from each other. There are a fairly large number of types of such equipment, but universal potato planters have the most optimal indicators of weight, size and depth of seed planting. At the same time, this equipment supports one row, but it performs work extremely quickly, so such performance indicators justify its purchase.

The plow, as an agricultural machine, has been used for a long time, but in its modern form it is most often used as an additional tool for machines. A tractor plow is needed for tasks such as soil cultivation. This implement cuts the soil layer and turns it over. It is necessary to use a plow, especially in areas that have not been plowed for several years. The plow must be used in conjunction with other equipment, because the cut layers of earth must be loosened, etc. Different plows have different cutting angle indicators, so be careful when selecting equipment.