Medicine · 24 June 2020

Aesthetic medicine before marriage

Aesthetic medicine before marriage. You have many months to get married? Congratulations – you have a lot of time to bring your lazy skin to perfection. The most important thing is to adapt the treatment plan to individual needs. Most women need nutrition and hydration for dry and lifeless skin. Aesthetic medicine specialists recommend treatments that renew the skin by exfoliating it and stimulating the production of additional collagen and elastin.

A good idea for many months earlier will be laser therapy – an extremely effective treatment that gives the best results after a few months, but is associated with a longer recovery period. Never opt for a laser a few days before an important event – swelling and scabs that appear after it has been performed may last for up to 2 weeks.Chemical peels are another idea for peeling and refreshing the skin, which should also be done a few months before the event. After such invasive treatments, remember to constantly protect your skin – you will need a 50+ protective filter, which you should use for several months after the treatment to avoid discoloration.


Do you dream of slightly changing your face shape, filling your cheeks or improving your lip contour? Try these types of treatments long before the wedding. Performing large metamorphoses under the influence of emotions related to marriage is not a good idea. If you have been doing lip augmentation for a long time, then the last amendments should be at least 2 months before the date of the event.

Moisturizing and regeneration

In the event that there are several weeks left to the wedding, you can worry about moisturizing and nourishing. We especially recommend treatments based on platelet-rich plasma, which according to specialists is one of the safest treatments (also for allergy sufferers).

Treatments are best started about 3 months before the wedding, and the last one to be done about a month before the event. Equally popular methods are skin mesotherapy. The preparation that the doctor will use when performing mesotherapy depends on the needs of your skin. Usually these are vitamin cocktails, thanks to which the face looks more radiant.

Are you getting ready for the wedding? Take care of diet and health

No treatment will help if your lifestyle leaves much to be desired. The best you can do for yourself is to strictly follow a healthy lifestyle a few weeks before the wedding. If you want a flawless appearance, you should not eat junk food and drink alcohol (excess salt and percentages will be reflected on the face in the form of difficult to remove swelling and bruising under the eyes). Just a few months earlier, start drinking large amounts of water, which will flush out the toxin. Add energy to your morning drinking warm water with lemon and honey, which will also accelerate your lazy metabolism.