Uncategorized · 29 July 2020

Advantages of Canadian houses

Canadian houses are quite a fledgling topic, at least in our country, because overseas, where this type of technology comes from, houses have been created in this way for many years, without worrying about their durability and stability. Canadian houses are also being built with success at our western neighbors. It is not surprising because this type of construction allows you to have your own four angles at a low cost compared to brick houses, and in a short time. 

Canadian houses szczecin they can be built from scratch even within three months. Which is not possible in the case of brick houses, because in the latter case, the investor is always dependent on weather conditions and the bonding of individual building materials at various stages of construction. To create Canadian houses, concrete materials are used only at the stage of creating foundations, which are made in a traditional way, in later stages of construction it is completely unnecessary and the sufficient building material is wood from which the skeletons of this type of buildings, window and door carpentry are successfully made. , as well as the walls, ceilings, ceilings and floors themselves.

Another advantage of Canadian houses is that due to the lower load imposed by wood, Canadian houses may have smaller and less extensive foundations, which is then associated with greater savings not only in terms of the purchase of materials, but also their transport and work. Canadian houses cannot be denied durability, made in the right technology, they can survive for over a hundred years, everything depends on the quality of the materials used in the construction and the method of their protection, through specialized wood preparations and drying processes. In addition, Canadian houses are very easy to expand and rearrange, if you want to expand the house, it is enough to add only a few wooden boards with the frame, the same is true in the case of putting up partition walls or their “demolition”.

The natural and unique microclimate created by year-round wooden houses  is also unique. It has been scientifically proven that people staying for a long time in the vicinity of wood and trees live much longer, in addition, the contact with nature in such houses is more tangible than in ordinary brick buildings. Canadian houses cannot be denied the charm they create when they are properly integrated into the surroundings of the building, all this has an impact on the quality and comfort of living in Canadian houses.

Canadian houses are also energy-efficient and eco-friendly. Wood is a fully biodegradable material, so its disposal is not a problem in the event of possible demolition. In addition, Canadian houses are much easier to heat in the autumn and winter period, and by making the appropriate thermal insulation, they keep the heat inside the rooms for a long time. In Canadian houses, there is no need to heat the walls, which later release heat, only the air is heated, which means that creating a temperature suitable for staying indoors takes much less time and requires much less fuel than in the case of brick houses where a large amount of heat is taken by walls, cooling from the outside by weather conditions.

Canadian houses also offer endless and unlimited possibilities of arrangement from the outside. According to the preferences of investors, they can be made similar to brick buildings, because there are no obstacles to cover such structures with plaster from the outside, for example with machine plaster, they can also remain in their original appearance, stylized as country cottages. In addition, it is a perfect solution for lovers of open spaces, because they do not require the use of any supporting poles in Canadian houses as long as the roof structure is made in an appropriate manner in accordance with the technology.

If you want to build a Canadian house, nowadays everyone has the opportunity to take advantage of the offer of people professionally dealing with this type of project.Many forms also offer to transport ready-made elements such as walls or floors to the construction site and assemble them together only at the construction site, which means that the construction of a Canadian house can take place even in winter or in rainy weather. People who want to build their own corner should consider this idea, because it has many advantages, it is less expensive and very original and fashionable recently in the west, where heavy brick construction, involving many people in the process of creating a building, is increasingly being abandoned and many heavy machinery having a negative impact on the natural environment, which should be a priority for everyone.