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Accounting office Łódź

Accounting office Łódź – every entrepreneur must keep accounting records, as well as make timely settlements with the tax authorities and the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS). Although we can hear a lot about how simple bookkeeping is, in practice it is much better to entrust it to a specialized accounting office. Why is it worth using its services?

Where to start?

Beginning entrepreneurs usually feel a bit lost in the maze of accounting and tax regulations. Wondering what form of business and taxation to choose? Very often they do not know whether they have to keep full accounting or can they use simplified forms? They also do not realize how many formal duties they will have to fulfill each month.

They are assisted by an accountant and a tax advisor who will dispel any doubts of the client. We should start working with an accounting office even before starting a business. It is the choice of its form, as well as the methods of taxation, that can significantly affect whether it will be profitable for us.

In addition, accountants are able to advise us in terms of possible subsidies that we can receive at a given time. For many beginners, they can be a solid cash injection, especially since at the beginning we usually do not achieve high income, but we incur high costs.

The person, not the program

Currently, entrepreneurs can hear almost every step of the way how profitable it is to keep accounting on their own. All you need to do is pay for the license and the program will automatically perform most of the necessary operations and settlements for you. In practice, however, it turns out that self-accounting programs are not as perfect as advertised. Their users often struggle with various problems, such as proper accounting of invoices or sending tax returns.

Remember that the taxpayer is responsible for preparing the declaration, not the program. Therefore, if there are errors in it, we will not be liable to the tax authorities ourselves. Meanwhile, the accounting office employs experienced accountants who always thoroughly check declarations and other types of documents before they reach the officials.

Thanks to this, the finances of entrepreneurs remain in good hands. In addition, clients of the accounting office can always count on advice on accounting itself, but also broadly understood finances or taxes. This, in turn, allows entrepreneurs to focus on what is really important, i.e. running and developing a business, and not accounting issues.

This applies to both owners of larger companies who entrust the accounting office with keeping full books, as well as small entrepreneurs who can opt for simplified accounting.

How to find a good accountant?

There are many accounting offices on the market that offer their services to both smaller and larger companies. Nevertheless, we should be aware that the office is not equal to the office. A good accounting office offers a full range of accounting services . They include full and simplified bookkeeping, as well as HR and payroll matters.

Entrepreneurs should establish cooperation with an accounting office, which additionally offers the possibility of consulting a tax advisor. Why is it so important? Because only tax advisors are authorized to advise us on tax matters. Accountants who do not have the necessary qualifications cannot do this.

Unfortunately, many accounting offices do not cooperate with a tax advisor, which means that – in accordance with applicable law – they cannot provide a full range of accounting services. Finding a good accounting office in Lodz is not easy, but if we establish cooperation with the right one, we will certainly be satisfied.

Finances under control

Entrusting accounting to an accounting office is also a way to optimize the company’s expenses. All because hiring an accountant costs a lot, while keeping the accounts yourself is very risky. The optimal solution will therefore be to establish cooperation with an accounting office.

An additional advantage is that we only pay for services rendered. If we are not active in a given period and provide fewer documents, we will be able to pay a lower invoice for accounting services. The accounting office makes finances under control in the full sense of the word. Let us remember that the key here is to establish cooperation with a good office that understands the client’s needs and is open to them.

Thanks to this, it is possible to individually adjust the offer to a specific entrepreneur and his company. A good accounting office does not have a fixed price list. Each time it adjusts the terms of cooperation, and thus the price, to the specificity of a given business entity.

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