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A large selection of horse riding accessories in a professional equestrian shop

A large selection of horse riding accessories in a professional equestrian shop. Horse riding is a unique sport and at the same time a life passion. In the equestrian shop you can find practical accessories that will make your contact with this wonderful animal even better. Professional costumes, helmets, harnesses are just some of the items available for sale. The available collections are adjusted to the age and advancement of the riders. You can get boots and accessories necessary for horse care and breeding. 

Accessories for riders for different seasons

There are no breaks caused by changing weather for horse riding fans. That is why everyone who regularly visits the stud or breeds horses himself has at least two costumes adapted to the seasons. In addition, the equestrian store sells competition clothing . For everyday training, you need comfortable shoes, a protective helmet and leg warmers or breeches. In autumn, and for longer off-road rides and riding camps, it is worth taking a vest or a special quilted jacket with you. In winter, instead of ordinary boots, you can put on warm shoes. Elegant jackets will look great with a tube or a comfortable turtleneck. It is good to match the outfit with knee socks that protect against abrasions while driving and exercising. Other useful accessories that the equestrian shop offers are chaps for shoes and gloves.

Protective clothing and helmets for young horse riding enthusiasts

Both novice riders and experienced athletes are exposed to falls from a horse. In the equestrian shopyou can easily choose the right protectors. Protective vests are recommended for children and adolescents. A special filling prevents padding in the event of a fall. Back protectors are popular and come in a variety of sizes, cuts and colors. Especially advanced riders can reach for an airbag vest. It will work well with complex exercises, acrobatics and hurdles. Head and neck protection is very important. Helmets and rollers are designed to protect against falling. In addition, the roof covers the sun, which can blind you while driving off-road. The adjustable strap length allows you to adjust the helmet to the child’s age and head circumference.

There are helmets integrated with the lining and with a detachable one that can be washed. When choosing the right model, it is worth considering not only the price, but most of all with safety certificates. Special helmets have an antibacterial coating, which is used during long hours spent in the saddle. Other improvements include the surface reflecting the sun’s rays. It protects the rider from overheating and sweating.

Saddles for the comfort of man and horse

Horseback riding is about human-animal cooperation. Therefore, when choosing a saddle, it is worth paying attention to your own comfort and the horse’s build. A good saddle fit is the basis for safe riding and fruitful training. Versatile saddles, the most universal and basic, can be easily adapted to the horse. Equestrian shopIt offers saddles made of natural leather and high-quality synthetic materials.

For pony riding, both smaller saddles and special pads are used. Children’s collections include sets dedicated to the youngest horse riding enthusiasts. The set includes a pony saddle and a complete harness. A colorful saddle is a great gift idea for a child who is learning to ride. Other types of professional saddles that can be found in the equestrian shop are dressage, jumping and rally saddles. Western style saddles will also be available for riders who are rodeo fans. Of course, other elements must be selected for the saddles.

Horse care cosmetics only in the equestrian shop

A professional equestrian shop has a large selection of horse care cosmetics in its assortment. Every farmer should have insect repellent in his stable. It will save the animal the pain caused by mosquitoes, flies and other insects . Natural shampoos will make your mane and coat shine. The natural color of the coat is worth emphasizing with a dedicated shampoo, e.g. for horses with brown or black hair. Conditioners that provide a shine of the mane will work during preparations for equestrian events, competitions and special occasions. In order for the horse to look impressive, cosmetics with a natural composition should be used. They help keep animals healthy and beautiful. For special occasions, you can use tail and mane conditioners with glitter particles. Just spray them on before presenting to the competition. Then the horse will look like a real champion.

The equestrian shop is a unique place where amateurs and professional breeders will find a wide selection of products for horses. Some stores also sell feed and special horse supplements. Thanks to these products, breeding will become more professional and animals will always have the right conditions for development. It is worth taking care of horses using high-quality products. The horse repaid its owner for good treatment.